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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Friday, April 22, 2016 3:16 PM -0400
Subject:Huron Heights wins People's Choice Award
Congratulations are in order for Team Mean Machine from Huron Heights Public School on their teamwork and videography skills!  Following a voting period in March, Skills Canada-Ontario recently announced that Huron Heights 1 - Mean Machine was the winner of the People's Choice Award for their video submission to the Ontario Elementary Video Challenge!  As a result, the team has walked, or should we say, sailed away with $200 from Skills Ontario!   

Grade 7 students from Huron Heights represented the Kincardine area at the Skills Canada-Ontario Cardboard Boat Races, which were held at the North Huron Wescast Community Centre in Wingham on Tuesday, February 2, 2016.  Their task was to work as a team to build a boat that would outperform all others in speed and weight challenges completed in the pool.  Teams of four used their problem-solving, teamwork and design skills to create a seaworthy structure out of two sheets of 4’ by 8’ cardboard and some duct tape.

Meanwhile, teams of two recorded their peers' boat building progress from the construction stage to the races in the pool, capturing the event from start to finish.  The videographers then produced a promotional video of the boat building challenge.  

View their award winning video at this link:

Kincardine District Secondary School technology teacher Greg Shipp, was a mentor for the team along with Huron Heights teachers, Tanya Leppington and Cindy Black.

Group photo image of Team Mean Machine from Huron Heights in their cardboard boat creation