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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Friday, June 3, 2016 2:10 PM -0400
Subject:Experiential Learning in the Great Outdoors
It has been an active year outdoors for two classes from Peninsula Shores District School in Wiarton. The JK/SK group of Mrs. Madill and Mrs. Barker along with Mrs. Williams' 3/4 students enjoyed an opportunity to participate in some experiential learning at the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre (BOEC).  In January, the two classes began their first of five monthly visits to the facility.  Students were able to experience the learning possibilities that exist at the BOEC while observing various changes to their natural surroundings over time.  Each class had a chance to plan their monthly trips.  For the 3/4 group, this included shelter and fire building, aquatic pond study, kite making and other environmental topics.  The JK/SK class observed seasonal changes, participated in scavenger hunts, fairy house building, learned about animal habitats, snow painting, as well as physical education activities, such as hiking, parachute games and tobogganing.  Both classes loved the monthly trips, which also served as a great way to learn outside of the regular classroom.  Teachers were able to observe changes in student behaviour, cooperation, teamwork, perseverance, and a sense of wonder for their students as they experienced outdoor learning.

Image of young PSDS students in a wooded area near the BOEC during the springImage of young PSDS students snow painting at the BOEC during the winter