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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Monday, June 5, 2017 10:29 AM -0400
Subject:Who Is NOBODY? Ask Spruce Ridge Students!
Over the course of the school year, the Grade 2/3 class at Spruce Ridge Community School in Durham has been involved in the Who Is NOBODY?™ character education program.

The NOBODY program is designed to enhance literacy skills while helping to promote safe, inclusive and caring environments where students can develop positive character traits and attitudes towards themselves and others.  Students gain invaluable life experience as they learn to give back to their communities and practice becoming responsible citizens.  A number of cross curricular areas are covered throughout the program, ranging from reading and writing to art.       

As each student works on their chosen community project, they have an opportunity to take home and help build the NOBODY doll with their own unique contribution that is reflective of their learning experience and character development.  Bit by bit, items and attributes are slowly added by the students to transform NOBODY into SOMEBODY!       

At the beginning of 2016-17, the Grade 2/3 students started working on the NOBODY program by initiating a milk bag collection in their classroom.  The milk bags will be used to make mattresses for children and adults living in poverty stricken areas of the world.  To date, the students have collected over 1,800 milk bags!

Image of NOBODY doll from Spruce RidgeHere is an overview of some of the individual NOBODY projects students have been involved in:
  • organizing a school wide book drive that collected over 1,000 books to send to Attawapiskat through “Books with No Bounds”
  • braiding milk bag mattresses for a family in Africa (to be delivered personally by a local missionary family)
  • hosting a classroom bake sale and using the $339 raised to help or thank the elderly, the sick, the less fortunate and service people in the local community
  • collecting over 1,000 lbs. of gently used clothing for charity
  • collecting pop tabs to help make wheelchairs
  • writing “thank you” letters to Veterans on Remembrance Day
  • volunteering at a local animal shelter
  • making Christmas cards and ornaments for and visiting the residents at a local nursing home
  • helping to prepare meals at a local soup kitchen
  • hosting a luncheon to raise money for Christmas gifts for those less fortunate in the community
  • reading to residents at a local nursing home
  • performing yard work for donations to help save polar bears
The Grade 2/3 class is still completing projects with the goal of making our world an even BETTER place to be!