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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Friday, June 9, 2017 10:29 PM -0400
Subject:Bluewater Medals Shine at Skills Canada/Ontario
The 2016-17 school year has been another outstanding one for Bluewater District School Board students participating in skilled trades competitions.  Some of the top performing students from the Regional Technological Skills Challenge in March advanced to the provincial and national competitions in May and June to once again represent Bluewater in fine fashion.  

Congratulations to Declan Mowle of Kincardine District Secondary School, who upgraded last year's national SILVER medal to GOLD in the Outdoor Power and Recreation Equipment category at this year's Skills Canada National Competition in Winnipeg.  Declan had previously secured GOLD in the Small Powered Equipment challenge at the Skills Ontario Competition in Toronto this spring.  

Other provincial hardware recipients from this year who are deserving of congratulations include Grey Highlands Secondary School students Laura Winters, who won GOLD in the Landscape Design challenge, and Floristry BRONZE medal winner Tianna Hacker.  Brittney Mighton of John Diefenbaker Senior School won BRONZE in the Skilled Trades Entrepreneurship challenge.  

The hard work, perseverance, passion and talent demonstrated by these students along with the support and leadership of their dedicated Bluewater coach/mentors set an example of excellence that we can all be proud of!

Image of Declan Mowle engaged in his challenge next to a motorbike at Skills Canada Image of Declan Mowle wearing his medal and holding the Ontario flag at Skills Canada
Group photo image of Grey Highlands Secondary School students wearing medals and Bluewater jackets at Skills Ontario