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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Wednesday, June 21, 2017 9:33 AM -0400
Subject:National Aboriginal Day on June 21
Wednesday, June 21, 2017 is National Aboriginal Day.  It is an opportunity for Canadians to celebrate and honour the unique heritage and achievements of our Indigenous communities and citizens.

This special occasion was proclaimed by the Governor General of Canada in 1996 to coincide with the summer solstice, which has traditionally been an important time for many Indigenous people to celebrate their culture through dance, song and other festivities.

Image of Indigenous art and items displayed with the words "Love", "Honesty", "Respect", "Humility", "Bravery", "Wisdom" and "Truth" circling the display Throughout the year, Bluewater schools have continued to expand and engage in learning that incorporates Indigenous themes, culture and history.  For example, Peninsula Shores District School in Wiarton recently hosted its annual pow wow, while G.C. Huston Public School in Southampton has been immersed in an art project to paint classroom doors themed after the Seven Grandfather Teachings.  The school has also been involved in a campaign to name the bridge that connects Southampton and Saugeen First Nation the “Bimaadzwin – Good Path Bridge”.  Earlier this year, Saugeen District Secondary School and G.C. Huston students had the unique opportunity to collaborate on an immersive mural project involving critically acclaimed Métis artist Christi Belcourt and traditional Ojibway storyteller Isaac Murdoch.  Three large canvases were created over the course of a week depicting traditional Indigenous stories, history, culture and the environment.

Click here for a message regarding National Aboriginal Day from Director of Education Alana Murray.

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Image of three large student canvases on display at Saugeen District Secondary School