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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Wednesday, June 28, 2017 10:30 AM -0400
Subject:Huron Heights Celebrates Canada 150
The staff and students of Huron Heights Public School in Kincardine recently created a large banner replicating the Canadian flag.  Each student had the responsibility of developing and colouring a small square to be added to the banner. Everyone was also encouraged to show their Canadian spirit by wearing red and white.
Image of Guelph Storm Captain Garrett McFadden speaking to Huron Heights students

This fun activity took place on the Longest Day of Play on Wednesday, June 21st.  All students took part in a variety of initiatives designed and run by the intermediate Daily Physical Activity leaders.  Early in the day, students listened to two guest speakers.  Huron Heights parent Tia Trudeau spoke in honour of National Aboriginal Day and presented the school with a piece of art representing the Seven Grandfather teachings.  This was followed by Garrett McFadden, Captain of the Guelph Storm hockey team, who delivered a meaningful presentation on mental health.  The students donated money to support the McFadden Movement, an organization devoted to supporting others dealing with mental health issues.

Group photo image from above of Huron Heights students and staff outdoors showcasing their studentmade Canada flag
Group photo image of Guelph Storm Captain Garrett McFadden with two Huron Heights studentsGroup photo image of Huron Heights parent Tia Trudeau (r) and Interim Principal Deborah Rayner (l) with a student holding Seven Grandfather teachings artwork