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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Wednesday, December 20, 2017 3:53 PM -0500
Subject:Wildcat Week of Giving
The Wildcat Week of Giving is an initiative of the ME to WE group at Port Elgin-Saugeen Central School, which allows students and staff to support some great organizations that are close to home.  This year, the Women’s House Serving Bruce and Grey, and Ronald McDonald House Charities in London were the school's two primary recipients.  The campaign also supplied some items for Wildcat families.  

Although this year's focus was on one specific need per day, all items could be donated throughout the week.  The ME to WE group challenged all students to donate one of the items listed, which even included the option of "doing a kind deed"!  The Wildcat Week of Giving collection included Canadian Tire money, new toys and books, toonies and loonies, unused gift cards, and "kind deeds".

The students and staff are thrilled to share that, after final tallies, the Wildcat Week of Giving was an amazing success.  In total, just under $450 in Canadian Tire money was collected.  This amount was generously enhanced by owners, the Mowbray family, for a total of $750.  For the "new toy or book" collection, three large tables were gathered with fantastic items for all ages.  The "toonies and loonies" day raised a whopping $500+, while the "gift card to share" day added another $250!  Lastly, the "do a kind deed" day provided many Wildcats with a chance to show off their awesome attitudes by doing nice things for others.  The group is very proud to be able to send such fantastic Wildcat support to so many worthy causes.
Many thanks are extended to all of the Wildcat families for their spirit, support, and continued generosity!

Group photo image of members of the ME to WE group involved in planning the Wildcat Week of GivingImage of students counting Canadian Tire money, and toonies and loonies
Image of ornaments on a bulletin board given to students to colour for bringing in items to donateImage of three large tables of toys