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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Thursday, November 29, 2018 11:50 AM -0500
Subject:Safety First in the Fox Den
Hanover Heights Foxes know that dogs and all kinds of animals can be our friends and support us in a variety of ways! They help some of us to ensure equal and full access to all places and events in our communities, notify others when we are in trouble or need help, and even make us feel calmer, more relaxed and loved. They can also be a great ear for listening or a wonderful partner to play with.  However, sometimes animals need space because they are anxious and afraid.  This can sometimes make them dangerous.  To help the Foxes understand how to be safe around dogs and other animals, Hanover Heights Community School recently invited friend and partner Ken Campbell, Town of Hanover Municipal Law Enforcement Officer, to visit the Fox Den.  Students learned what to do if they were to become involved in a situation with a strange dog or one that was not acting friendly.  Information was shared on reading a dog's body language, and understanding what messages dogs are sending.  Hanover Heights thanks Mr. Campbell for his time, for helping students to better understand our animal friends, and for helping to keep the Foxes safe and sound!

Image of Mr. Campbell presenting to Hanover Heights students