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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Tuesday, December 18, 2018 3:09 PM -0500
Subject:Brazilian Knights Help to Brighten the Season of Giving
This year's annual Christmas Knights food and toy drive at Kincardine District Secondary School was a wonderful success with so many students participating and feeling the positive impact of the joy of giving. The school community was thrilled to see many of its international students participating as well. Following the event, the students from Brazil were asked to write about their impressions of this experience.  Here are some of the responses they shared:

Group photo image of Kincardine District Secondary School Brazilian Knights"The Christmas Knights for me was a totally different experience.  I really love that I did this…at first I was afraid, because I had never done this before, but after I started, I was excited."

"The Christmas Knights was amazing.  I met new people and had fun…you can see the good heart of people.  You can learn how to be kind and grateful, and you help a lot of people."

"The Christmas Knights for me was a great experience.  I always like to help people, but in Brazil it’s hard…because most of the people just look after their own.  But here in Canada, it is totally different.  They give donations with a smile on their faces.  This day gave me an experience that makes me happy to be helping."

"The Christmas Knights was the best school thing I have done.  It was so nice to see how the people in our school care about others who don’t have abilities or money to buy food."

"I think my highlight, was to arrive in some houses and look at the floor and see bags and bags of foods and toys with a paper saying, 'Christmas Knights'."

"It was a great experience for me.  I loved to see how helpful the Canadians are.  When I went to one house, a little girl came with some toys and it really warmed my heart because it’s good to see children sharing their own toys with someone who doesn’t have toys, and they feel so good and happy doing that… I will take away a desire to help."

"I think my ‘take away’ was when I stopped to think and saw that I can’t say bad things about my life because there are so many people in a worse situation and I have everything to be happy and grateful."

"I was surprised by the quality of the toys that were given.  I was expecting old, broken and used toys, but most of them were fresh from the box…I will cherish the memory of those generous people forever."

"I believe that we can take away from this one of the most important things in the world: thinking about others.  It’s not okay you have money and comfort at the same time people are starving."

It seems as though this activity made a profound impression on our visitors from Brazil.  Thanks are extended to all who participated and made this event a joyous time of giving and receiving, both in material goods, and in the intangible life lessons given and received in so many meaningful ways.  Well done, Kincardine!