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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Saturday, February 9, 2019 9:22 AM -0500
Subject:Three Schools Perform at Arts For Youth
On Saturday, January 19, over 100 students and teachers from Holland-Chatsworth Central School, Beavercrest Community School, and Osprey Central School gathered at Annesley United Church in Markdale for the 12th annual Arts For Youth (AFY) concert. It was a great turn out as the performers entertained about 300 parents and community members with their music.  The program is supported by volunteers, including teachers from the three schools and community members.  The Markdale Rotary Club and community supporters have donated over $60,000 to provide students with new instruments on a long term loan basis.  The students can keep the instruments at home for practice.

Performing at the event were MAFY (Markdale Arts For Youth), TAFFY (Totally Awesome Arts For Youth - from the Holland-Chatsworth Central School area), OCAFY (Osprey Community Arts For Youth), along with the Beavercrest Community School Choir and Osprey Central School Rock Choir.  A beautiful quilt, handmade by Lynn Mokriy, was also raffled by the Rotary Club to raise money for the three local Arts for Youth programs.  The draw will occur at the May 10 concert at Grey Highlands Secondary School, which starts at 7 p.m.

Image of AFY performers with their instruments as audience observesImage of AFY performers with their instruments as audience observes
Image of Osprey Central School Principal Cathy Griffin (l) and Vice-Principal Brandy Grafton (r) holding quilt with the Osprey Community Arts For Youth (OCAFY) Band in the background