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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Monday, April 24, 2017 1:25 PM -0400
Subject:Posies Painted at Hepworth Central
Spring flowers are popping up outside and inside at Hepworth Central Public School.  Students dropped by the school library during the school day on Tuesday, April 4, 2017 to dab paint and contribute to a collaborative painting, with the juniors painting in the morning and the older students adding their artistic flourishes in the afternoon.

Grade 6 student Hiba Farooq says she likes to draw using pencils and that her grandparents had given her charcoal, “but it didn’t really work out.”  Using acrylic paints, Farooq and her fellow students transformed a large canvas, which gradually bloomed into a colourful abstract vase of flowers.  The artwork will be displayed in the school lobby until it becomes the centrepiece at the third annual student art show and fundraiser at Sauble Golf and Country Club on May 12.  The piece will be auctioned off at the show to raise funds for class trips and other school needs.

Susan Seitz, artist and creativity coach, teaches at nearby Southampton Arts Centre.  Seitz, who also contributed her time and talents at the school for last year’s event, worked with nearly 300 students to create the large painting.

In addition to the group work, students are preparing individual artwork, using a variety of mediums from barn board art to string art to greeting cards, to show and sell on May 12.  A silent auction will also be held with donated items from local businesses.  Over the past two years, over $7,500 worth of items have been donated to support this initiative.  Last year, approximately $5,000 was raised from the silent auction with the funds contributing to the school’s music program, new classroom technology, renewed track and field pits, and other school equipment.  The funds were also used for specific teacher requests, including a play-therapy house for the kindergarten class.

Beckon, a local female duo of musicians Beth Hamilton and Connie Rossitter, will entertain at the show and auction.  Both Hamilton and Rossitter teach piano to many children attending Hepworth Central Public School.

Article by:  Zoë Kessler, Wiarton Echo

Image of students and Susan Seitz with their posies painting; photo by Zoë Kessler, Wiarton Echo