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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Wednesday, April 26, 2017 1:49 PM -0400
Subject:Mathematics Professional Learning in Bluewater
Bluewater District School Board is pleased to be partnering with Brock University to offer the Primary/Junior Mathematics Part 1 Additional Qualification course.  Forty-four educators, representing teachers from kindergarten to Grade 6 and administration, have been engaging in professional learning on effective instruction in mathematics.  Some participants registered as part of a school team, others as individuals.  

The course has been developed as a blended model.  The three face-to-face sessions led by Dan Peter, Provincial Mathematics Professional Learning Facilitator, were held at the Bluewater District School Board Education Centre in Chesley.  The first face-to-face session on March 27th focused on looking at the research on growth mindset, and how this impacts learning in mathematics.  The remainder of the day was dedicated to the principles of counting.  The second session on April 13th included a morning workshop focused on quantity as a big idea in mathematics, and an exploration of operational sense in the afternoon.  The final face-to-face session on April 24th focused on fractional and proportional thinking.  These in-person days are great opportunities to learn from and with each other, and to look deeply and meaningfully at the mathematical content.

The online portion of the course allows for ongoing discussions about key ideas, including the creation of an effective learning environment and promoting communication in mathematics.  Leanne Stredwick and Karla Whiteside, both Bluewater District School Board educators, are facilitating the online discussions.  The course concludes on May 26th.

Connected to the provincial Renewed Mathematics Strategy and board mathematics goal, Bluewater continues to work to increase student achievement, well-being and engagement in mathematics.

Image of facilitator speaking to group of educators with FNMI slide in the backgroundImage of group of educators at round tables listening during a session
Image of facilitator speaking to group of educators at the BWDSB Education CentreImage of group of educators at their table listening during a session
Image of educator with his laptop during an exerciseImage of facilitator holding up a sheet as he instructs a group of educators during a mathematics exercise
Image of group of educators working at their table during an exercise Close up image of educator using a highlighter and work sheet as part of a mathematics exercise