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 Jamie Pettit
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From: Thursday, June 1, 2017 3:20 PM -0400
Subject:Family Fun Day at the BOEC
Nature enthusiasts of all ages could not have asked for a better day to enjoy a fun and engaging learning experience in the great outdoors! Family Fun Day was held at the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre near Oliphant on Saturday, May 27, 2017 with many coming out to participate in activities, view the amazing 320-acre facilities and property, and learn all about wetlands.

Image of former Ducks Unlimited Canada President Tod Wright speaking at the Ducks Unlimited booth with Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre Site Manager Deborah Diebel The exciting festivities, which were presented by Ducks Unlimited Canada in partnership with the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre, Bluewater Education Foundation and Bluewater District School Board, also included a special celebration of the recent completion of the adjacent Oliphant wetland project.  In 2002, the project was dedicated to Tod Wright in honour of his term as Ducks Unlimited Canada’s 31st President (1999 – 2001).  Tod was on hand to speak at the celebration in recognition of the people and partnerships who play an important role in the work of Ducks Unlimited Canada in the local community, the region and the future of conservation.   

Children and families had a chance to walk the trails to the water’s edge where they could dip nets into the water to find out what types of critters live beneath the surface, participate in a “meet and greet” with a snake, skunk and other live animals, and even experience the added bonus of witnessing the hatching of the dragonflies.  A craft station, face painting, as well as cake and refreshments were also available.        
Some of those in attendance were local residents visiting the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre for the first time.  They were amazed to learn about such a tremendous asset in their area, in addition to the many wetland projects maintained by Ducks Unlimited Canada within a 50 kilometer radius of the site.  The conservation of these wetlands is vital to ensuring that our local environment remains healthy and safe.     

The organizers extend their thanks to all of the partners, volunteers and staff who came together to make Family Fun Day a resounding success!

Image of Ducks Unlimited Canada Biologist and Conservation Specialist Dave McLachlin speaking at the Ducks Unlimited boothImage of student created sign on bird species posted along a trail
Image of wildlife educator with large bird perched on her wristClose-up image of wildlife educator holding a skunk
Image of student created sign on plant species posted along a trail with sign underneath pointing in the direction of critter dippingImage of wetland
Image of small boy critter dippingImage of young girl critter dipping
Image of the inside of the barn at the Bluewater Outdoor Education CentreImage of large cake with words, "Welcome to our Family Fun Day"