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From: Monday, November 20, 2017 4:32 PM -0500
Subject:Bluewater Schools Scare Hunger
The so-called “season of giving” has long since begun in Bluewater District School Board.  Every year during Halloween, several local families and individuals directly benefit from the overwhelming acts of generosity, caring, and responsible community citizenship demonstrated by students and staff in their school communities.  This year’s school food drive campaigns were no exception to the rule.  Here are just some of the many examples of our Bluewater schools in action this past October and November:   

Image of Arran-Tara students holding up "WE Scare Hunger" student poster with food items in backgroundArran-Tara Elementary School – The “WE Scare Hunger” food drive brought in 888 canned goods donated by the school community.  The campaign was organized by the school’s ME to WE group, led by teacher Paul Bolton.

Spruce Ridge Community School – This year at Spruce Ridge, there have been monthly “Community Celebration” assemblies.  Each month, a few classes are responsible for helping a community in some way.  This could involve their school community, local community or global community.  For October’s “Community Celebration”, the school participated in the "WE Scare Hunger" campaign (in association with ME to WE) initiated by classes 2/3 Harloff and 3/4 Klages.  Students were asked to donate non-perishable food items by bringing them to school and/or trick-or-treating for them on Halloween night.  The school goal of filling the back of a staff member's truck was accomplished and then some!  

Here is a report on the campaign’s success written by participating students Georgia, Garrett and Abby on behalf of the 2/3 and 3/4 classes:

Because of the overwhelming response from the students and families of Spruce Ridge, as well as the Durham community, we were able to collect more than 1,800 food items, along with $150 of monetary donations for our "WE Scare Hunger" food drive during the month of October.  

The success of this campaign will help to support a lot of local families who access the Durham Food Bank - and without your efforts the Durham Food Bank's shelves would not be bursting right now!

This experience has shown us that when people work together, BIG differences can be made!

Alexandra Community School – The school community collected a total of 811 food items to support those in need.  More than 125 bags of clothing were also collected during the school’s clothing drive for the Kidney Clothes donation program.  The class collecting the most clothing items won a pizza party.

Beavercrest Community School – The school's ME to WE group collected 390 non-perishable food and body care essentials for the local food bank through their campaign, which ran from October 23 – November 1.

Image of Beaver Valley students transporting food items on a wheeled cartBeaver Valley Community School – The school community collected 1,037 cans of food, which were delivered by the students to Beaver Valley Outreach.  

Group photo image of Hanover Heights students and staff holding food items and postersHanover Heights Community School – The school’s ME to WE group organized a “WE Scare Hunger” campaign, which resulted in donations of over 528 items totaling 492.2 pounds of food for the local Salvation Army.

Holland-Chatsworth Central School – The school’s food drive collected 949 pounds of food and personal care items that were picked up by Farm Credit Canada and delivered to Chatsworth Community Outreach.  It is estimated that one pound provides a meal for two people.  The Hawks are proud that their efforts made a difference through contributions of almost 2,000 meals!

In addition, the last Wednesday of each month is Hat Day, where students donate a loonie or an item to the food bank in exchange for the privilege of wearing their hat for the day.  The money and food are also delivered to Chatsworth Community Outreach.

Grey Highlands Secondary School – The school's Humanitarian Club participated in ME to WE’s “WE Scare Hunger” food drive campaign by encouraging students to bring in non-perishable food items to support local families in need.  This initiative is focused on stopping hunger, which is a WE focus every year.  With over one million people around the world going hungry, this campaign is a way to help stop hunger in our own communities through generous donations and bringing awareness to the issue. – Katie Ferguson, teacher advisor for the Humanitarian Club

Chesley District Community School - Demonstrating true Cougar spirit, Chesley District Community School donated approximately 576 lbs. of food to the Farm Credit Canada (FCC) food drive.  One pound of food is considered the equivalent of one meal.  These young Cougars are following in the paw prints of those before, going above and beyond to help.  All food was donated to the local food bank.

Group photo image of Alexandra students with boxes of food items
Image of Beavercrest students transporting food items to the back of a volunteer's vehicleImage of Beavercrest students loading food items into the back of a volunteer's vehicle
Image of Beavercrest students and a volunteer standing behind a vehicle with food items in the back Image of Beaver Valley students and staff gathering food items from a table outdoors
Image of a pile of food items gathered at Beaver Valley Community SchoolImage of back of pick-up truck loaded with food items thanks to Spruce Ridge students and staff
Image of inside of pick-up truck loaded with food items thanks to Spruce Ridge students and staff