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Alumni Profile – Melissa Rosenburg
We are pleased to celebrate some of the many examples of staff excellence in Bluewater District School Board with our new alumni profile feature! This week, we highlight some of our former graduates whose career pathways have led them back to Bluewater to serve another generation of local students and families.

Image of Melissa Rosenburg
Name:  Melissa Rosenburg

Current position:  Grade 7/8 Teacher, Bruce Peninsula District School

What Bluewater school(s) did you attend as a student?  Amabel-Sauble Community School, Wiarton District/Peninsula Shores District School

What year did you graduate from Bluewater?  2005

Please provide a brief summary of the career pathways (e.g. post-secondary studies and subsequent employment) you pursued after graduating from Bluewater.

Bachelor of Arts, Honours – English and Contemporary Studies Major
Nipissing University – Concurrent Education

What has been your greatest career achievement thus far?

Receiving 1.0 Full Time Equivalent (FTE) at a wonderful school that I hope to teach at for my full career has been my greatest achievement to date.

How has your education in Bluewater prepared you for your career pathway?

I was lucky to attend smaller schools where I was close to my teachers, and I attribute those relationships to my success.  I have taken my experiences in this school board and applied them to my teaching so that I can help my students reach the success they desire.