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From: Wednesday, February 21, 2018 12:11 PM -0500
Subject:Alumni Profile – Becky Madill
We are pleased to celebrate some of the many examples of staff excellence in Bluewater District School Board with our new alumni profile feature! This week, we highlight some of our former graduates whose career pathways have led them back to Bluewater to serve another generation of local students and families.

Image of Becky Madill
Name:  Becky Madill

Current position:  Kindergarten Teacher, Peninsula Shores District School

What Bluewater school(s) did you attend as a student?  Lion's Head Public School, Eastnor Central School, Bruce Peninsula District School, Chesley District High School

What year did you graduate from Bluewater?  1989

Please provide a brief summary of the career pathways (e.g. post-secondary studies and subsequent employment) you pursued after graduating from Bluewater.

University of Guelph, Child Studies Degree
Queen's University, Bachelor of Education, Early Primary Education Specialty
Avon Maitland District Board, OT and Teacher (1997 – 2002)
Kindergarten Specialist

What has been your greatest career achievement thus far?

Working in my home community and within a JK-12 building has allowed me to make connections with families and stay connected to my students as they continue their entire elementary and secondary careers.

How has your education in Bluewater prepared you for your career pathway?

I am proud to have been a student in the Lion's Head family of schools.  I feel that my education, especially at Bruce Peninsula District School, was unique and full of memories that I still draw upon – the sense of community, the science fair successes, the outdoor learning.  The teachers at that school made a lasting impact on me, and I hope that I am leaving a similar impact on the students that I teach.

Other comments:

I am pleased to have received two OTF Teacher Learning Co-op grants for proposals I have written.  One was for the 2016 – 2017 school year, and involved utilizing the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre each month with my kindergarten students.  My grant for this year involves the kindergarten team at Peninsula Shores District School, and is focused on inquiry-based learning.