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Board News

January 23, 2007

Recognition of Excellence – Marshall Draper
Passport to Prosperity

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Marshall Draper, the driving force behind the Passport to Prosperity initiative in Bruce and Grey counties. This program is in its seventh very successful year. Also with us today are Jean Stephenson, Student Success Leader and Barb Wright, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Coordinator who partner with Marshall on many

The Passport to Prosperity campaign emerged as part of a provincial strategy to embrace reforms in education and training as part of the “Road Map to Prosperity”, an economic plan for jobs in the 21st century prepared by the Ontario Jobs and Investment Board, March 1999.

During the past seven years local school boards and school staff, OYAP and Apprenticeship Branches, colleges, employers, district labour councils, organized labour unions, federal, provincial and municipal governments, community agencies, students and many individuals have contributed to the research, assessment and implementation to enhance the transition of students from school to work in Bruce and Grey counties.

Mr. Draper’s yearly report includes secondary school statistics related to cooperative education and apprenticeship participation. It emphasizes that schools and students are most important to the community’s social and economic growth and the necessity of building meaningful partnerships between the employer and the student. He stresses the importance of sustainability of this campaign once it is no longer needed, and the need for being proactive with regard to the migration of our youth to bigger centers and our aging workforce.

Summary of partnership events:
1)      Apprenticeship breakfasts for employers to hear about available provincial tax incentives and Bluewater’s Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program and the possibility of taking our students as apprentices.

2)      P2P Provincial Conference whereby managers from Training Boards and the Ontario Business Education Partnership network resulting in new ideas, directions and strategies.

3)      OYAP has developed: “presentation folders” to be used when placing students with employers; Brochures-Think Skills, Think Jobs for Grade 7 and 8 students and parents; spring and fall newsletters and an Employer Appreciation Gala.

4)      Grey and Bruce Labour Council and the Municipality of Kincardine in-service to review local demographics of Bruce and Grey counties.

5)      CAW/Port Elgin discussion event to better understand organizational issues and strategic planning that affects employers and employees.

6)      OYAP Partnership Committee – Bruce and Grey to hold a series of meetings to plan, implement and review activities around OYAP as related to coop placements at high schools.

7)      Feedback Consultation Workshop on Special High Skills Major, a new incentive from the Curriculum Branch, Ministry of Education that has been developed. The Chesley District High School Agricultural Project/Program is one of the pilot projects.

8)      Other projects that Passport to Prosperity funds have supported include: Regional Skills Challenge and First Time Full Time Conference.

Marshall’s commitment to this campaign is exemplary and is of utmost importance to the future of our students, our businesses and our communities.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
23 January 2007
For more information please contact
Jean Stephenson, Student Success Leader,
Barbara Wright, Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program Coordinator or
Alana Murray, Superintendent of Secondary Education

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