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Board Meetings

January 23, 2007



Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Cindy Aitken (Committee Chair), John Chapman, Marg Gaviller, Jan Johnstone, Ross King, Marilyn McComb, Carol Poucher-Urbshott, Jean Sullivan and Jennifer Yenssen
Steven Reid (Co-ordinator), Mary Anne Alton, Marnie Coke, Lori Wilder, Richard Gerson, Alana Murray, Dean Currie and Joan Farrow (Executive Assistant)
Mary Johnston, Natalka Pucan, Chris Walker (Student Senator) and Nathan Lanz (Student Senator)


The Educational Issues Committee received the following reports:
•     Celebration: Celebrate What’s Right With The World
•     Ontario Scholars

Celebrate What’s Right With The World
“Celebrate What’s Right With The World” focussed on the powerful force of having a vision of possibilities can be for your. In this new video Dewitt Jones asks: “Do we choose to see those possibilities? Do we really believe they’re there?” He presents the concept that we can see it once we believe it. And when we believe it, we connect with a vision that opens us to possibilities and gives us the courage to soar.

Ontario Scholars
The report presented by Alana Murray included the total number of Ontario Scholars for the past 6 years 2000-01 to 2005-06. The year 2005-06 had the greatest number of Ontario Scholars at 473. Even with a declining enrolment, the number of Ontario Scholars in Bluewater has increased since 2004/05 due in part to the Student Success initiative and other supports provided at the secondary level.

THAT Bluewater District School Board receive the Educational Issues Committee report dated January 9, 2007.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
23 January 2007
For more information please contact
Chair Jennifer Yenssen
Steven Reid, Superintendent of Instruction


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