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Board Meetings

May 15, 2007

Adolescent Development Screening Inventory
Research Project Update

The Bluewater District School Board, in collaboration with Dr. Steve Weatherbee, an Ontario educator and researcher, participated in the second year of the Adolescent Development Screening Inventory research project.
Dr. Steve Weatherbee heads the research project to answer the following questions:

Does the health profile of students change as they develop through adolescence?
Are there social and emotional adjustment factors in youth that negatively impact on student achievement?
Is there a difference in the social and emotional adjustment profiles of students who disengage/drop out of school and students who remain in school?

This six year longitudinal study will explore the current and changing health profiles of students as they mature through adolescence, beginning in grade 7 (year 1) and continuing in subsequent years until grade 12 (year 6).  This year, grade 8 students completed the online questionnaire which required approximately 20-25 minutes to complete.

The annual results of this study may be used to examine the current adjustment profiles of youth across nine domains of health, explore strategies for efficient and targeted deployment of health services within the region, adapt or develop prevention and intervention programs and services targeted at age and stage appropriate health issues, and determine the predictive validity of the ADSI-E as an instrument for predicting school dropouts.

Nine domains of health were measured using the web-based ADSI-E self report inventory:
•     Physical Health
•     Emotional Health
•     Social Competence
•     Behavior Patterns
•     Substance Use
•     Peer Relationships
•     School Adjustment
•     Family System
•     Leisure and Recreation

Previous research (Weatherbee, 2006) examining the health profiles of school dropouts compared to non-dropouts in a large district school board in Ontario, Canada yielded significant results in differentiating dropouts from nondropouts across all health domains. The ADSI-E was sensitive enough to detect small, but significant, differences between the dropout and non-dropout groups in all domains.

By monitoring the social, emotional, and physical health of students in Bluewater, areas of concern can be identified. School and District resources can then be deployed effectively, targeting prevention and intervention programs. Community partnerships can also be promoted to support healthy adjustment of our students, reduce academic failure, and increase graduation rates.


THAT the Bluewater District School Board receive the Adolescent Development Screening Inventory Research Project Update report for information.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
January 23, 2007
For more information please contact
Steven Reid
Superintendent of Instruction


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