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Board News

February 20, 2007

Bluewater Staff Led Professional Development Opportunities
February 1, 2007

On February 1, 2007 Bluewater District School Board teachers and educational assistants had an opportunity, in each of the five areas, to join together and engage in professional development. There was a great deal of collaboration of staff for the coordination and organization of this day and numerous workshops were offered.  Teachers and educational assistants took part in a variety of activities designed to support staff learning and thus, enhance student learning.

Teachers participated in workshops with themes of literacy, numeracy, and making successful transitions. Course offerings included a focus on topics and curricular areas such as math, literacy, technology, French, use of data, assessment and planning, and special education.  Activities involved teachers working in families of schools, cross panel, grade partners, curricular, or other groupings.  Educational Assistants, across the district, were offered Non-Violent Crisis Intervention and First Aid Training.

The majority of the workshop presenters were teachers, administrators or system staff from Bluewater.  These individuals demonstrated a tremendous commitment to learning and leadership by preparing, presenting and facilitating the workshops.  

The attached chart provides an overview of the workshops that were available in each of our five areas including both elementary and secondary schools.


THAT the Bluewater District School Board receives the ‘Bluewater Staff Led Professional Development Opportunities, February 1, 2007’ Report for information.

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Bluewater District School Board
20 February 2007
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Lori Wilder, Superintendent of Student Services

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