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Board News

February 20, 2007

Bluewater Staff Led Professional Development Opportunities
February 1, 2007


The following is a list of the workshops that were offered:
The Kindergarten Program
Kurzweil and Dragon Technology, Premier and/or Smart Ideas
Preparing for EQAO
Promotion meeting
Integrating Computer Technology - Junior
Continued discussion of semestering and decision
Fosnot Problem Solving
Healthy School Recognition Program and discussion
Differentiated Instruction Video
Teacher Resource Bank
Think Literacy, vertical groupings
Budget discussion in relation to student programming
Making Commercials with I-Movie
Sustainable Development PLC
Working with Behaviour
Physical Education Review of new resources regarding substance abuse
Working with LD Students
Curriculum area discussions share strategies
French – Discussion Group
Reframing Change: We are doing well, how can we improve what we do?
Asking Better Questions
Homophobic Bullying Video and discussion
Literature Circles
Sharing of 16 x 16 stats, graduation rates discussion
E-Workshops and Media
At-Risk Students discussion
Introduction to Premier Suites
Early School Leavers Report focus
Primary Literacy:  Writing Differentiation
Community, Culture and Caring
Guide to Effective Instruction in Mathematics
LD in the Regular Classroom
Assessment and Evaluation Policy Feedback
Kindergarten:  Conversations around Math Problem Solving
PLC plans for Semester II
Computer Technology
Early School Leavers Report
Math:  Teaching Communication through Problem Solving with the use of Manipulatives
OSR Review
Core French:  Instruction Conversations
Writing good report card comments
Grade 7 & 8:  Common Assessments and Planning
Exam Schedule Feedback Survey
Engaging students with behaviour difficulties
IEP and IPRC review
Special Education Writing IEPs and Differentiated Instruction
Grade 9 and 10 Data Analysis
WALI Writing Assessment
ISNT form and failure reporting/recommendation process
Why Do Coaches Wear Ice Skates? - David Booth webcast
Student Success Leadership Team and School Program Plan
One Mission, One Opportunity, and Three Metaphors – Michael Barber video
“Effective Instruction in Reading Comprehension” webcast video and discussion
Effective Instruction in Reading Comprehension
Grade level teachers - WALI
Mathematical Knowledge for Teachers
Literacy for All
Language Curriculum Gr. 1-8
Instructional strategies
Differentiated Instruction presentation
Student Success initiative discussions
Behaviour Intervention presentation
Emergency Planning
Option Card Process
Assessment and Evaluation Survey
Discipline - Next Steps
Focus Groups – Literacy and Math
Marzano Instructional Strategies presentation – Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition
Differentiated Instruction
PEEL – Project for Enhancing Effective Learning
Character Education Information and Survey
SMART goals

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