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Board Meetings

February 20, 2007

Supporting Student Success:  Secondary Student
Director Conversations

Links to Director Portfolio:
•     Human Rights•     Anti-Bullying•     Character Education•     Parent Involvement
•     Wellness

Bruce Ferguson Themes:
•     Be more understandingImpact of bullying
Lifestyles/Life plans
“Youth culture”
•     Be more flexibleAdult roles played by youth
Personalize instructional strategies
Adolescent development
•     Be more proactive
Communication with parents and parent involvement
Culture where youth “belong”

Student Discussion Group Participants:
•     One student from each identified pathway; work, apprenticeship, college, university
•     Student trustee/senator (can represent one pathway)•     Student council president (can represent one pathway)
Draft Plan:
•     Schedule visits to each secondary school prior to end of first semester
•     Hold informal discussion groups to identify examples of practices which enable students in identified areas and those have a negative impact.(Specific discussion guide to be developed)
•     Prepare a report for discussion with secondary principals and to share with school success leadership teams; coordinate findings with School Leader report•     Discuss entire plan with secondary principals at the October SSP for revisions/suggestions

In order to inform key aspects of the Director’s portfolio, hearing the student voice beyond that of the student trustee is important
The 4th pillar of Student Success “Community, Culture and Caring” is seen as foundational to the success of students in secondary schools
Student Success Leadership Teams have been established in all secondary schools; information from student/director conversations may provide helpful insights to that leadership team
It is important for the Director to remain connected to the current thinking of secondary school students


No names of staff or students can be used in conversations which will be based on the discussion guide
While students identify with a particular pathway, there is not an intent for them to represent the views of students in that pathway
The usual school routes for following up on any issues that are identified in the conversations can be used, e.g., student council, student trustee, staff member

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