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Board Meetings

February 20, 2007

Supporting Student Success
Secondary Student/Director Conversations


•     Creating the conditions for positive interaction between students and teachers is essential

•     It is as important for teachers to be passionate about helping students as it is to be passionate about their subject

•     Programs that accommodate different learning styles and provide choice about how student present their knowledge

•     The sense of community and security that was highlighted in some schools is often valued over a wider range of course offerings

•     Programs that focus on assisting grade 9s in an effective transition to secondary school are seen to have a positive impact

•     Opportunities for senior students to support junior students builds a sense of responsibility and community

•     Students like to be recognized in a variety of ways; e.g.,  inclusionary awards systems, walls of fame, pictures displayed

•     Staff presence in “student” spaces

•     Trend to healthier foods in cafeterias is gaining momentum; issues related to cost and availability continue to be worked out

•     Physical Education programs could provide options for “lifestyle” focus, not just sports based focus

•     School events that are organized just for fun without being competitive encourage involvement; clubs that anyone can join

•     Systems to provide maximum access to school facilities e.g. gyms, weight rooms are evident in many schools

•     More support is needed for students experiencing mental health issues e.g., more health nurse time, social workers

•     Actual case studies about the impact of negative health choices e.g. drugs, alcohol, smoking provide are most powerful deterrents for students

•     Weeks that focus on particular themes e.g., Anti-Bullying week

•     Student leadership e.g., SPEAK, Gay/Straight Alliance, OSAID

•     Drama programs can have incredible impact on student attitudes e.g., racism, homophobia


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