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Board Meetings

February 20, 2007

Supporting Student Success
Secondary Student/Director Conversations


Be More Understanding:
•     Open minded teachers who are easy to talk to
•     Teachers who have a heart for kids
•     Most students have at least one caring adult they could go to with a personal issue
•     Staff are like a blanket; warm and comfortable

Be More Flexible:
•     Provide lots of food choices for students
•     Find ways to make PE programs more engaging
•     Access to facilities e.g., weight room, gym
•     Two dates given for assignments to provide flexibility
•     Being flexible about how and when students can get involved in extra curricular activities
•     Teachers providing e-mail address for student contact
•     Presenting program in a way that addresses different learning styles
•     Giving choices about how to present your knowledge
•     Teachers accommodating parent’s schedules
•     Hands on learning rather than just learning from text books
•     Credit recovery room

Be More Proactive:
•     Peer helpers as support for grade 9s, LINK Crew
•     Teachers who go further to coach or supervise
•     Teachers set up groups so students don’t feel left out if not picked
•     Anti-Bullying week, student groups
•     Recognizing all kinds of accomplishments
•     Relating class work to student interest
•     Use available resources e.g., “Confronting Homophobia” DVD

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