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January 22, 2008

Excellence in Education

Shared Student Experiences

In November 2007 excited students from the Supervised Alternative Learning for Excused Pupils (SALEP) Center in Walkerton, had the trip of a lifetime.

They had been invited to join the Walkerton District Secondary School music students for a trip to Toronto to see the production Dirty Dancing.

This entire trip was made possible through the dedication and caring of Adriene Mackenzie, the music teacher at Walkerton District Secondary School.

Adriene approached Beth Fischer, (the teacher at SALEP) in the spring to see if there was interest.  Adriene then arranged the bussing, purchased a block of tickets and planned all the details.

After realizing that finances for the students at the SALEP center are often a barrier, Adriene even adjusted the cost to make it more manageable for these students.

Although the SALEP students were very excited about the trip, as the date approached, they became very anxious about joining and being accepted by “regular” students.  Ironically, the same concern was being expressed by the high school students.  Both teachers did a superb job of reassuring their students, working through scenarios and preparing all attendees for a fabulous experience.

All students had a very positive experience.  The students visited Toronto, learned some new dance moves in a pre-performance session with some of the actors, and thoroughly enjoyed the play and the adventure.


We are hopeful that this successful venture can be replicated in the future.  SALEP students have seen the artificial barriers between their off site school and the high school eliminated.  One student has even decided to try two courses at the high school next semester.

Teamwork between teachers has definitely left a lasting impact on all students involved.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
January 22, 2008
For more information please contact
Lori Wilder, Superintendent of Student Services or
Jean Stephenson, Student Success Principal


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