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Board Meetings

January 22, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Cindy Aitken (Committee Chair), John Chapman, Marg Gaviller, Jan Johnstone, Ross King, Marilyn McComb, Natalka Pucan, Tim Reaburn, Jean Sullivan and Jennifer Yenssen
Mary Anne Alton, Lori Wilder, Marnie Coke, Richard Gerson, and Joan Farrow (Executive Assistant)
Nathan Lantz


The Educational Issues Committee received the following reports:

arrow_bullet.jpg        Supervised Alternative Learning For Excused Pupils (SALEP)
arrow_bullet.jpg        Character Development Implementation

Celebration:  School Support & Service Centre
Jim Elliott, Project Supervisor for the School Support and Service Centre gave an overview of the process  that culminated in the  sod-turning for the new service centre on December 18th.  He reviewed building plans and provided information on what the interior and exterior of the building will look like as well as expected building time lines.  The building is expected to be ready for occupancy in January of 2009.

Supervised Alternative Learning For Excused Pupils (SALEP)
Lori Wilder introduced Jean Stephenson, Student Success Leader who provided an overview of the Supervised Alternative Learning For Excused Pupils program.  This program supports alternative learning opportunities for students who are unable to cope in a structured school program.   The SALEP Committee reviews applications to the program and approves alternative learning and coop placements that will meet the student’s needs.  In addition to this program, a SALEP centre in Walkerton provides an opportunity for students of various ages and grade levels to continue their education under the direction of a Board teacher and educational assistant.  

As a result of new legislation requiring students to remain in school until the age of eighteen, many of the SALEP applicants are senior students.  In order to provide additional support for these students, a plan is under way in cooperation with Georgian College and the Dual Credit program for development of a centre for senior students to finish missed credits.  This could possibly be housed at the college giving students the opportunity of continuing their education beyond secondary school.  Funding may be available to support such a plan and this will be investigated for next year.

Character Development Implementation
Mary Anne Alton provided a package for use by trustees in support of the Character Development initiative in Bluewater.  The package included information on the background of character development that was already in place in Bluewater before the provincial initiative, the 10 character attributes now in place and some next steps.  Three possible questions to encourage community discussion and support of the initiative were included.  Mary Anne and Steven will review the package with student senators at a future meeting.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
January 22, 2008
For more information please contact
Chair, Cindy Aitken or
Steven Reid, Superintendent of Instruction      

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