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Board Meetings

January 22, 2008

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Jan Johnstone (Committee Chair); Cindy Aitken; John Chapman; Marg Gaviller; Ross King; Marilyn McComb; Natalka Pucan; Tim Reaburn; Jean Sullivan; Jennifer Yenssen
Mary Anne Alton, Director of Education; Marnie Coke, Superintendent of Elementary Education; Brenda Booth, Superintendent of Business; Richard Gerson, Administrator of Employee Relations; Steven Reid, Superintendent of Instruction; Lori Wilder, Superintendent of Student Services; Heather Catto, Corporate Services Supervisor
Sienna Forster

Elections for the position of Chair were held and Jan Johnstone was acclaimed to the position of Chair of the Policy Committee for 2008.

The Policy Committee received and discussed the following reports and policies.

·      Safe Schools
·      Inclement Weather Procedure

The Policy Committee recommended to the Board that they approve policy BP 6820-D “Safe Schools” as amended. The Policy Committee tabled definitely Policy BP 2105-D “Recycling” and Policy BP 6803-D “Nutrition” as well as discussion on the Use of Personal Electronic Devices to the January meeting of the Policy Committee.  The Administrative Procedure AP 2807-D “Inclement Weather” was discussed as well as the system review process.


THAT Bluewater District School Board approve Policy BP 6820-D “Safe Schools” as amended; and
THAT the policy be referred to the system for review, to be returned to the June 17, 2008 meeting of the Policy Committee.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
January 22, 2008
For more information please contact
Jan Johnstone, Committee Chair, or
Mary Anne Alton, Director of Education



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