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Board Meetings

March 18, 2008

Education Centre – Chesley
Tuesday, February 19, 2008
1:30 p.m.

(Subject to Board Approval)

John Chapman, Margaret Gaviller, Jan Johnstone, Marilyn McComb, Ross King (Chair), Natalka Pucan, Jennifer Yenssen              
Board Officials:
Mary Anne Alton, Director of Education; Marnie Coke, Superintendent of Elementary Education; Brenda Booth, Superintendent of Business and Treasurer; Alana Murray, Superintendent of Secondary Education; Steven Reid, Superintendent of Instruction; Lori Wilder, Superintendent of Student Services
Student Senators
Student Trustee
at the Board Table
Recording Secretary:
Heather Catto, Corporate Services Supervisor
ABA Representative:
Jacqui Traverse-Thomas
Cindy Aitken, Tim Reaburn
Board Officials:
Richard Gerson, Administrator of Employee Relations;
Student Trustee:
Lauren Best, OSCVI; Stephanie Code, Saugeen District; Laura Campbell, West Hill
Student Senators:   
Luke Albert, Walkerton District; April Thompson, Saugeen District; Chantelle Eckenswiller, Bruce Peninsula; Dylan Smith, Georgian Bay; Alex McAlpine, Grey Highlands, Nathan Lantz, John Diefenbaker; Andrew Poulsen, Kincardine Secondary; Sienna Forster, Peninsula Shores; Ethan Lawrence, Chesley District;

Call to Order
Ross King welcomed everyone to today’s meeting.
Reflection/Silent Prayer
Ross King stated that we were seven weeks into the new year and we have felt the stress of this busy time of year.  He asked all present to take a moment to think of all the things in our lives that bring us peace and hope.
Excellence in Education
Specialist High Skills Major Student Agricultural Conference
Alana Murray announced the successful application for funding of almost $30,000 from Can Advance, the Agricultural Adaptation Council.  The success of this application can be attributed to the efforts of Joy Johnson, former principal at Chesley District and Dave Barrett, Project Manager with Saugeen Economic Development Corporation.  Chesley District students in the Agricultural High Skills Major program will attend a planned two day conference in May 2008 at the University of Guelph. Other students from across the province in Agricultural High Skills Major programs have been invited to attend as well.  It is expected that approximately 120 students will attend the conference.
Appreciation was extended to Dave Barrett for partnering with us on this project and the many other programs that support our students.  
Approval of Agenda
Jan Johnstone requested that an item “Trustee Website” be added to section C-2 - Communications –Staff/Trustees/Student Trustees section of the Agenda.
Motion 08.02.08:  Moved by John Chapman, Seconded by Natalka Pucan
That the agenda for the meeting of February 19, 2008 be approved as amended.
Approval of Minutes
The Chair asked if there were any errors or omissions, none were reported
Motion 08.02.09:  Moved by Marg Gaviller, Seconded by Jan Johnstone
That the minutes of the Board Meeting of January 22, 2008 be approved as printed
Business Arising From the Minutes
Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest
Delegations Where Prior Notice Has Not Been Given
Delegations Where Prior Notice Has Been Given
Reports from Committee of the Whole in Closed Session
Jennifer Yenssen brought forward two motions from Committee of the Whole in Closed Session.
Motion 08.02.10:  Moved by Ross King, Seconded by Natalka Pucan
That Bluewater District receive with regret, the resignation of Jean Sullivan as Trustee, effective February 19. 2008.
Motion 08.02.11:  Moved by John Chapman, Seconded by Marilyn McComb
That Bluewater District School Board will invite applications from qualified people who are interested in serving as a trustee for the balance of the current term and that a selection process be completed so as to finalize the appointment no later than April 15, 2008
Committee Reports

Business Committee Report
The Business Committee Report from the February 5, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.  
A presentation was given to trustees regarding the new OnSIS system, a system that is a data warehouse where all data will be collected, interconnected and stored to provide the basis for Ministry funding.   A report was received outlining the projects recommended by the Plant Department for inclusion under the 1.4 M facility renewal projects for 2007-2008.  A budget primer for 2008-2009 that provided an overview of the components of the budget process was received.
Educational Issues Report
The Educational Issues Report from the February 5, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.   
The committee received a report on the e-Learning Journey, a strategy rolled out by the Ministry in the spring of 2007.  Bluewater teachers participated in a two day professional development program.  The initial courses were offered on a voluntary basis resulting in an opportunity for students to choose from four on-line courses during Semester II of the current school year.
An overview of the new Kindergarten report card and process for reporting to parents as well as an overview of report cards for Grades 1 to 6, Grades 7 and 8 and secondary was received.
The committee was provided with a letter sent to the Ministry of Education in response to funding announcements for “hands-on” student programs.  The Assistant Deputy Ministry George Zegarac visited the Technology Centre at Georgian Bay Secondary School, where he met with students and staff to discuss this program.  This scheduled visit occurred on a snow day, but students and staff came out to the school to showcase the tech centre in operation and to share their experiences at the Outdoor Education Centre.  The Georgian Bay culinary students also made a great effort to get to the school to prepare and serve a gourmet lunch.
Policy Committee Report
The Policy Committee Report from the January 22, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.  The Policy Committee received and discussed the Recycling policy, the Nutrition policy and the development of a Use of Personal Electronic Devices policy.  

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)
The SEAC report from the January 21, 2008 meeting was received.  At this meeting members were given an update on the Ontario Psychological Association project.  It was also reported that Thames Valley Children’s Centre will be videotaping effective teaching practices in Bluewater classrooms that are inclusive and have effective use of Applied Behaviour Analysis and that the tapes will be shared with Bluewater for training purposes.  They were also provided with information on the “Model Project to Promote Positive Student Behaviour”, focusing on transitioning grade 8 and 9 students requiring additional support.
Special Education Advisory Committee Appointment
As required by Ontario Regulation 464/97 the following member was appointed to the Special Education Advisory Committee:
Motion 08.02.12:  Moved by, Marilyn McComb, Seconded by Jan Johnstone
That Bluewater District School Board appoint the following as members and alternates of the Special Education Advisory Committee for the term of this Board:
Member:                           Association:                                                     Alternate:
Andy Swan                      Community Living Kincardine & District

Student Senate Report
Student trustees and senators were absent due to inclement weather.
Educational Issues
Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee – Update
Ross King provided an update on the February 8, 2008 meeting of the BWDSB and BGCDSB Aboriginal Advisory Committee.  The meeting focused on a draft framework for an Aboriginal Symposium “Beat of the Drum” Dr. Pamela Rose Toulose has agreed to be the keynote speaker on April 7 and 8.  Information was provided on the funding cap for Aboriginal students and a decision was made to write a letter to the federal government.  It was announced that the Native Cultural Resource Centre is bringing a film “Front Runners” to Owen Sound.  This is a film based on the story of five First Nations runners who ran many miles to bring the torch to the gates of the 1967 Pan AM Games in Winnepeg and were not allowed to carry the torch into the games.  The film will be shown at the Roxy Theatre in Owen Sound on Tuesday, May 13, 2008.  The advisory committee will attend the evening showing of “Front Runners.” It was decided at this meeting that Dennis Boyle, Director of Keystone would be invited to join the committee.
Staff Reports
Accommodation Review Update
Lori Wilder provided an up-date on the Walkerton Accommodation Review.  A bus trip to Peninsula Shores and Bruce Peninsula was taken by about thirty people to view a new building and a refurbished building that housed K to 12 students.  The third public meeting will be held on February 26th and there are thirteen presentations scheduled at this time.  A further ARC meeting will be held on March 17th, which is open to the public to review input for the March 26th public meeting.
Marnie Coke provided an up-date on the Owen Sound Accommodation Review.  At the February 20th public meeting there were no submissions put forward and the next meeting is scheduled for February 27th.  At the March 19th ARC meeting alternatives will be considered and a response will be drafted which will be reviewed at the April 2nd public meeting for submission to the trustees.
Budgeted Employment Tracking Report
The Board received for information purposes the current employment tracking report, a report that shows the budgeted number of staff and actual numbers on the payroll.
Positive Behaviour Support Approach Training Initiative
Special Education staff from Bluewater District School Board as well as staff members from the Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board have been involved in a training series entitled “Positive Behaviour Support Approach”.  This training was designed and presented through the coordinated efforts of Bluewater District School Board Student Services department staff as well as staff from the Thames Valley School Support program.  This program has provided staff with a framework to help them more effectively plan for students with behavioural needs and provided the participants with an understanding of the evidenced based strategies of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) which is a core component of a positive proactive approach to managing challenging behaviour.  Funding for this training was provided by the Council of Directors in Education.
Notice of Motion
None were received
Communications – Staff/Trustees/Student Trustees
Trustees discussed the lack of personal contact information on Bluewater’s website.  It was pointed out that this had been a decision at a previous discussion of the trustees and it was decided to re-visit this subject at the next Policy Committee meeting.
Establishment of Committees
Conferences/Conventions/Out-of-County Meetings
Bluewater DSB Calendar of Events
Motion 08.02.13:  Moved by Jennifer Yenssen, Seconded by Natalka Pucan
That Bluewater District School Board adjourn at 2:45 p.m.


Director of Education

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