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Board Meetings


March 18, 2008


As part of our ongoing discussion to maximize the effectiveness of our time together, we have reviewed the scheduling of Board Meetings and Board Committee Meetings.  On Board day, Closed Session of the Board starts at 9:30 a.m. and Policy Committee is scheduled to begin after it concludes.  The Policy Committee segment is scheduled for one hour and a half, dependent on the content of its agenda and the agenda of the meeting of the Board in Closed Session.  However, there have been occasions where the first meeting has gone beyond the expected time frame and has utilized time scheduled for the Policy Committee meeting.

Board Committee Day starts at 9:30 a.m. and currently there is one half hour scheduled for Trustee PLC, approximately one and a half hours for Educational Issues Committee and one hour for Business Committee. Timing for these committee meetings is adjusted depending on their respective agendas.  On Committee Day the afternoon time frame has also been utilized at times to schedule other meetings that require trustee attendance, some examples of these are:  Trustee/Union/SAT – Working Together to Support Student Learning (3 times a year); Budget Meetings; Expulsion Hearings and Audit Committee meetings.

If the trustees elected to increase their meeting times to a full day on Board Committee day, it would not be feasible to schedule the additional meetings as has been our current practice.

The meetings are currently fairly evenly balanced with time allotment, but problems do arise when a previous meeting goes beyond the scheduled time.

SAT has discussed a variety of options to address the ongoing scheduling challenges we experience and presents the following format for trustee discussion.

1.      Start Board and Committee meetings at 9:00 a.m.
2.      Move the Policy Committee to the beginning of the Board Committee day
3.      Move the Business Committee to Board Meeting day following closed session
4.      Increase the trustee PLC time to one hour

•     Policy Committee is first on committee day and the agenda will not be reduced due to an extended closed session
•     The current half hour time slot for trustee PLCs had not been adequate to accomplish what is desired during that part of our agenda.  An earlier start on Committee days provides for this
•     An earlier start on Board meeting day provides adequate time for closed session and Business Committee
•     The afternoons of Committee day are kept open for scheduling the other meetings where trustees are involved
•     SAT time continues to be focussed on the same days with slightly extended timeframes

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
March 18, 2008
For more information please contact
Mary Anne Alton
Director of Education


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