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Board Meetings

April 15, 2008

Education Centre – Chesley
Tuesday, March 18, 2008
1:30 p.m.

(Subject to Board Approval)

Cindy Aitken, John Chapman, Margaret Gaviller, Jan Johnstone, Marilyn McComb, Ross King (Chair), Tim Reaburn, Jennifer Yenssen  
Board Officials:
Mary Anne Alton, Director of Education; Marnie Coke, Superintendent of Elementary Education; Brenda Booth, Superintendent of Business and Treasurer; Alana Murray, Superintendent of Secondary Education; Steven Reid, Superintendent of Instruction; Lori Wilder, Superintendent of Student Services
Student Senators
Luke Albert, Walkerton District; Chantelle Eckenswiller, Bruce Peninsula; Dylan Smith, Georgian Bay; Alex McAlpine, Grey Highlands, Ethan Lawrence, Chesley District;
ABA Representative:
Dave Waddington, Principal, Arran Tara
Student Trustees
Lauren Best, OSCVI; Stephanie Code, Saugeen District; Laura Campbell, West Hill
Recording Secretary:
Heather Catto, Corporate Services Supervisor
Natalka Pucan
Board Officials:
Richard Gerson, Administrator of Employee Relations;
Student Trustee:
Stephanie Code, Saugeen District;
Student Senators:   
Andrew Poulsen, Kincardine Secondary; Sienna Forster, Peninsula Shores; April Thompson, Saugeen District; Nathan Lantz, John Diefenbaker;

Call to Order
Ross King welcomed everyone to today’s meeting, especially former student senator, Shawn McNamara who was in attendance as a co-op student from the Meaford Express paper.
Reflection/Silent Prayer
Ross King asked everyone present to take a moment to remember the importance of family and that we especially think of Mary Anne Alton and Jennifer Yenssen who have both lost their fathers in the past three weeks.
Excellence in Education
“It’s A Gas”, Hanover Heights Campaign
Lori Wilder provided an overview of the event “It’s A Gas’ which started as an idea in October where the “Get Mobilized” campaign was brought forward by Hanover Heights parent Christina MacDonald, whose daughter, Natalie MacDonald wanted a way to increase accessibility awareness.  The “Get Mobilized” campaign is a wheelchair accessibility awareness campaign started by Jeff Preston, a former Bluewater student.  The “It’s A Gas” is a fundraiser that uses donated Canadian Tire money for fuel for support vehicles for Jeff Preston’s assistants.  Natalie’s grade 3 class, with the support of their teacher Kristen Weber wrote to local dignitaries asking them to join them at an assembly on February 22nd.  Mr. Duncan Hawthorne, CEO and President of Bruce Power was one of the invited guests at the assembly and he demonstrated how proud he was of the students for their commitment to Jeff’s campaign by writing a cheque for $5,000.
Ethan Bender, a grade eight student who helped to organize a dance that raised money for the “It’s A Gas” campaign stated that Jeff Preston is another individual like Terry Fox in his endeavours to raise awareness.In attendance at today’s Board meeting to receive the Excellence in Education on behalf of their school, were Pauline Kelly-Seiler, Principal, Kristen Weber, teacher, Natalie MacDonald, grade 3 student, Christine MacDonald (Natalie’s mother) and Ethan Bender, grade 8 student.
Approval of Agenda
Motion 08.03.14:  Moved by Jan Johnstone, Seconded by Marilyn McComb
That the agenda for the meeting of March 18, 2008 be approved.
Approval of Minutes
Motion 08.03.15:  Moved by John Chapman, Seconded by Marg Gaviller
That the minutes of the Board Meeting of February 19, 2008 be approved as printed.
Business Arising From the Minutes
Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest
Delegations Where Prior Notice Has Been Given
Delegations With Prior Notice
Dan Wong, Chair of the Walkerton ARC, was in attendance to present trustees with a report requesting that they approve a thirty day extension to the Walkerton ARC committee.  The committee was requesting the extension to provide them with additional time to verify and quantify the information that has been received prior to their making final recommendations to the Board.  Dan Wong acknowledged the Board for their help and support throughout the process.
Reports from Committee of the Whole in Closed Session
Jennifer Yenssen brought forward one motion from Committee of the Whole in Closed Session.
Motion 08.03.16:  Moved by Marg Gaviller, Seconded by John Chapman
That Bluewater District School Board sell to the Ministry of Transportation a three meter strip of property in front of St. Vincent-Euphrasia Elementary School pending satisfactory resolution of the conditions and negotiation of a fair market value for the property.Carried
Committee Reports

Walkerton ARC extension request

Business Committee Report
The Business Committee Report from the March 4, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.  
Trustees received a report detailing a software problem that affected the February 22, 2008 pays for secondary teachers and the measures taken to ensure that the teachers received payment as well as other measures taken to resolve the problem.
A request to extend the Walkerton Accommodation Review process by 30 days was received and the committee agreed to recommend to the Board that they approve this request and that a special meeting of the Board be held on September 30th to vote on the Walkerton ARC Committee recommendations.
Motion 08.03.17:  Moved by Jennifer Yenssen, Seconded by John Chapman
That Bluewater District School Board, grant an extension of 30 days to the Walkerton ARC and that the Board hold a special meeting of the Board on September 30, 2008 to vote on the Walkerton ARC Committee recommendation(s).
Educational Issues Report
The Educational Issues Report from the March 4, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.   
The committee received a report on the Georgian Triangle Earth Day Celebration Organization and their planned environmental programming and events scheduled for students and adults during Earth Week, April 21 to 25, 2008.The committee was provided with a handout pertaining to Bluewater Standards of Practice: Non-Negotiables, that were developed three years ago as a way of focusing on the strategies that impact student learning. The standards have been implemented board-wide and made more precise over that time period.   The presentation focused on the advantages of reducing rotary and strengthening the role of the Home Room teacher.  Evidence was shared that demonstrates how academic success has increased and behaviour issues for students have decreased when the Home Room teacher role has been strengthened.  

Policy BP 6825-D
“Student Discipline”
Policy Committee Report
The Policy Committee Report from the February 19, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.  The Policy Committee received and discussed the Student Discipline policy recommending that it be rescinded based on the revisions made to the Safe Schools Policy.  Other policies reviewed and referred to other committees and the system for review, were Assessment and Evaluation; Media Resources; Prior Learning and Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) and Private Music Instruction to Day School.
Motion 08.03.18:  Moved by Jan Johnstone, Seconded by Marg Gaviller
That Bluewater District School Board rescind Policy BP 6825-D “Student Discipline”.Carried

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)
The SEAC report from the February 15, 2008 meeting was received.  The committee was provided with updates on training that has occurred in regards to PPM 140, Incorporating Methods of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) into Programs for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders and it was reported that additional training for principals and vice-principals will be offered by Thames Valley Children’s Centre and the Geneva Centre will also offer additional training to Educational Assistants.  The Ministry is hosting a Safe Schools symposium and Bluewater will be sending a team consisting of Student Services and Keystone staff and Bluewater has been asked to report on the WRAP program at this symposium.
Student Senate Report
Laura Campbell, student trustee shared a discussion that the student senators and trustees had pertaining to participation in Earth Hour and how to get others in Bluewater District School Board to turn off lights for one hour on March 29th from eight to nine o’clock.  It was suggested that an e-mail be sent to the Director to have the message put on the website and that it be sent to principals as well.Lauren Best, student trustee announced that she and another student, Hayden Stewart are involved in the organization of a concert that is to take place on March 21st, headlining a former OSCVI student, Richard Laviolette.
Laura Campbell announced that it was time for secondary schools to start the process to elect new student senators/trustees.  She and Laura Best will be making contact with former student trustees/senators to share their stories with future student trustees/senators.
Educational Issues
B-3-a i)
Saugeen District Paris, The Loire, and The Riviera – March 12-21, 2009
Alana Murray presented this trip to the Board requesting approval for students from grade 11 and 12 to participate in a trip to Paris, The Loire, and The Riviera, from March 12-211, 2009.
Motion 08.03.19:  Moved by Jan Johnstone, Seconded by Marilyn McComb
That Bluewater District School Board approve the Saugeen District Secondary School trip to Paris, The Loire, and The Riviera, from march 12-21, 2009.
 B-3-a ii)
West Hill Secondary School Juno to Ortona Trip – April 7-16, 2009
Laura Campbell, Student Trustee presented this trip to the Board requesting approval for students form grades 9 to 12 to participate in a trip, Juno to Ortona from April 7-16, 2009.
Motion 08.03.20:  Moved by Marilyn McComb, Seconded by Jennifer Yenssen
That Bluewater District School Board approve the West Hill Secondary School trip, Juno to Ortona from April 7-16, 2009.
The Bluewater Education Foundation Fund Raising Proposal
Trustees were presented with a motion from the Bluewater Education Foundation endorsing the distribution of the not for profit publication “Schools Out” to families with children attending Bluewater elementary schools.  Each edition contains advertisements from local businesses offering education based programs and activities and the publication provides announcement pages that can be used to promote academic successes or other sports, musical or arts accomplishments.  This publication would provide a guaranteed revenue stream for the Foundation as well as providing an additional vehicle for Bluewater to communicate and promote student successes.
Motion 08.03.21:  Moved by Marg Gaviller, Seconded by Jan Johnstone
That Bluewater District School Board permit the distribution of “Schools Out” in all Bluewater Schools 4 times a year subject to final contract provisions.
Staff Reports
Educational Assistant Framework
Trustees were provided with a power point presentation that outlined The Educational Assistant Framework document which was developed in consultation with an advisory committee over a five year period.  It has been designed to provide an overview of all issues related to the effective involvement of Educational Assistants in the provision of programs and services for students with special education needs and articulates the role, responsibility and deployment of Educational Assistants.
Link Crew – Creating a Learning Community Program
The Board received for information purposes the current employment tracking report, a report that shows the budgeted number of staff and actual numbers on the payroll.  On September 4, 2007 over 1500 Grade 9 students and over 250 Link Crew Leaders (senior student mentors) from grades 11 and 12 took part in the board’s Link Crew Day.  This is a program that involves delayed entry for grades 10 – 12 students, while the Grade 9 students are welcomed by an assembly, followed by smaller mentor groups held in more private locations within the school.  The day was recognized by everyone involved as a success and received many positive comments.  Based on the success of the program in September 2007, it was recommended that the Board continue to support delayed entry for grade 10 -12 students for September 2008.
Motion 08.03.22:  Moved by Cindy Aitken, Seconded by John Chapman
That Bluewater District School Board continue with staggered entry and implementation of Link Crew in secondary schools for September 2008.
Budgeted Employment Tracking Report
The Board received for information purposes the current employment tracking report, a report that shows the budgeted number of staff and actual numbers on the payroll.
Trustee Contact Information
In response to a previous trustee question, trustees were provided with a chart that showed what type of trustee or elected councilor personal information was currently provided on School Board websites and Grey Bruce Municipal websites.  It was the decision of the trustees that the trustee section of the Bluewater District School Board Website would include a telephone contact number and board e-mail address.Motion 08.03.23:  Moved by Jan Johnstone, Seconded by Cindy Aitken
That a phone number contact and board e-mail address be posted on the Bluewater District School board website in the trustee section.
Board Day Schedule and Board Committee Day Schedule
The trustees were provided with a staff report that provided alternatives to the current scheduling of the Board Day meetings and the Board Committee Day meetings schedules.
The report provided trustees with a variety of possible changes to the current schedule.  It was determined that further review of the meeting format for Board Day and Board Committee Day would take place prior to any changes being made to the current structure.
Notice of Motion
None were received
Communications – Staff/Trustees/Student Trustees
Trustees were notified that the office of MPP Carol Mitchell have requested a meeting with trustees on April 4th at 10:00 a.m.  Alternate dates for this meeting were suggested and the Director’s office will communicate this with Carol Mitchell’s office.  Trustees will be notified when a date has been selected.
Establishment of Committees
Conferences/Conventions/Out-of-County Meetings
Bluewater DSB Calendar of Events
Motion 08.03.24:  Moved by John Champan, Seconded by Jennifer Yenssen
That Bluewater District School Board adjourn at 3:32 p.m.


Director of Education

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