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April 15, 2008


Concours 2008

The attached press release provides the results of the 2008 edition of Concours, which took place on March 26th at Kinghurst Community School in Chesley.  

Bluewater District School Board and Canadian Parents for French worked together to provide a venue for our core French and French Immersion students to showcase their facility in French.  Thirty-four speakers competed in eleven different categories according to the number of hours of French instruction they had received.  Categories included: Grades 4-6 core, immersion, extended and FSL+; Grades 7-8 core and immersion; Grades 9-10 core and immersion; Grades 11-12 core, immersion and extended.  The competition took place simultaneously in three separate rooms at the school.

The speeches were capably judged by 6 judges.  The judges from the community were:  Isabel Poirier, Adam Hofmann, Lorraine Boucher, Karine Ringenberg, Ray Zimmerer and Jackie Hofmann. The comments from the judges were extremely positive and a tribute to the calibre of French language instruction in the District.

Three Bluewater students were the official time-keepers.  CPF representatives from local Bluewater chapters coordinated the registration desk, provided the refreshments, prizes for the contestants and gifts for the judges.  All participants received a certificate to acknowledge their accomplishments.  Susan Geisel provided exemplary system level coordination which ensured Concours showcased the importance Bluewater places on French language learning in a very positive way.

The gym was full for the awards ceremony at the end of the evening.  The support of parents, extended family members, teachers and principals for the students who participated in Concours 2008 was highly evident.  Bluewater will be well represented at the provincial Concours on May 10th, 2008 in Toronto.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
15 April 2008
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Mary Anne Alton, Director of Education


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