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Board Meetings


April 15, 2008

Full Time Early Learning
Background for Input to OPSBA

Capital Planning
•     All costs for additional classroom space need to be covered in the provincial funding formula
•     In all current and future accommodation reviews, full time early learning spaces have been and will be taken into account
•     In most Bluewater schools, existing space can accommodate the expansion of kindergarten programs

Community Partnerships
There are a number of ongoing successful community partnerships related to Early Learning in Bruce and Grey Counties.  Between now and the full implementation, it will be important to continue to engage in planning discussions for full time early learning as there will be jurisdictional issues related to expanding this program.

•     Let’s Learn
•     Before and After (15)
•     Early Years Centres (2)
•     Day Care (9)
•     Birth to Six WRAP Programs
•     Outreach Playgroups (4)

•     Currently 20:1 for JK/SK
•     If additional staff were available for implementation of full time early learning, BWDSB would support Educational Assistants who could have an early learning specialty within the EA Apprenticeship program
•     All costs for any additional staff needs to be provided for in the provincial funding formula

•     Needs to be a full review of the kindergarten program in light of additional instructional time
•     The expectations for students at the end of kindergarten within the Ministry kindergarten program are lower than expectations within the Bluewater kindergarten program  
•     Our assessment framework currently exceeds the expectations for the end of SK in the Ministry kindergarten program
•     Expectations at the end of the kindergarten program need to reflect demonstrated literacy capabilities of kindergarten students

April 9, 2008


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