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Board Meetings

May 20, 2008

Education Centre – Chesley
Tuesday, April 15, 2008
1:30 p.m.

(Subject to Board Approval)

Cindy Aitken, John Chapman, Rick Galbraith; Margaret Gaviller, Jan Johnstone, Marilyn McComb, Ross King (Chair), Tim Reaburn, Jennifer Yenssen  
Board Officials:
Mary Anne Alton, Director of Education; Marnie Coke, Superintendent of Elementary Education; Brenda Booth, Superintendent of Business and Treasurer; Richard Gerson, Administrator of Employee Relations; Alana Murray, Superintendent of Secondary Education; Steven Reid, Superintendent of Instruction; Lori Wilder, Superintendent of Student Services
Student Senators
Luke Albert, Walkerton District; Dylan Smith, Georgian Bay; Ethan Lawrence, Chesley District; Nathan Lantz, John Diefenbaker;
ABA Representative:
Autumn Hachey, Walkerton District; Allie Nicholas, Georgian Bay Secondary
Student Trustees:
Lauren Best, OSCVI; Stephanie Code, Saugeen District; Laura Campbell, West Hill
Recording Secretary:
Heather Catto, Corporate Services Supervisor
Natalka Pucan
Board Officials:
Student Trustee:
Student Senators:   
Chantelle Eckenswiller, Bruce Peninsula; Alex McAlpine, Grey Highlands; Andrew Poulsen, Kincardine Secondary; Sienna Forster, Peninsula Shores; April Thompson, Saugeen District;

Call to Order
Ross King called the meeting to order at 1:37 p.m. welcoming everyone to today’s meeting,
Reflection/Silent Prayer
Ross King asked everyone present to take a moment to reflect on the newness and freshness of spring and everything that is positive with the season.
Declaration of Office
Mary Anne Alton administered the Declaration and Oath or Affirmation of Allegiance to: Rick Galbraith.  A media release pertaining to the selection process was distributed.  
Excellence in Education
Character Development Conference “Impact 08”
Alana Murray referenced the report in the Board package that provided background on the Character Development Conference “Impact 08” that took place on March 26th 2008.  There were one hundred and twenty students in attendance at the Outdoor Education Centre.  The goal of the conference was to raise awareness on how students could build character into the culture of their schools.  Sue Ferris, a teacher from Grey Highlands, assisted by students and with the support of senior administration, the Community Relations Council, the principal and vice-principal of Grey Highlands, organized this very successful conference.  
Sue Ferris informed the trustees that it was a wonderful event and that it had been her pleasure to have been a part of it.  Students present at the board meeting who had taken a leadership role highlighted their role in helping to organize the conference and their positive experiences in leading seminars for other students.  In attendance at today’s meeting were students, Cam Dunlop, Melanie Tweddle, and Sarah Mason, Grey Highlands principal, Anne MacLaughlin, vice-principal, Randal DeKraker, and teacher, Sue Ferris.
Approval of Agenda
Motion 08.04.25:  Moved by Jan Johnstone, Seconded by Cindy Aitken
That the agenda for the meeting of April 15, 2008 be approved.Carried
Approval of Minutes
The Chair asked if there were any errors or omissions, none were reported
Motion 08.04.26:  Moved by John Chapman Seconded by Jan Johnstone
That the minutes of the Board Meeting of March 18, 2008 be approved as printed.Carried
Business Arising From the Minutes
Tim Reaburn asked how many present had participated in Earth Hour, and almost all responded that they had.  Luke Albert, Student Senator informed everyone that another Earth Hour is scheduled to take place on April 29th.
Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest
Delegations Where Prior Notice Has Been Given
Delegations With Prior Notice
Reports from Committee of the Whole in Closed Session
Jennifer Yenssen brought forward one motion from Committee of the Whole in Closed Session.
Motion 08.04.27:  Moved by Ross King, Seconded by Marg Gaviller
That Bluewater District School Board not proceed with the Offer to Grant an Easement to Hydro One Networks Inc. on the former Chesley Public School site, and that the Board advise Hydro One that it negotiate the Easement with the purchaser of the property.Carried
Committee Reports

Business Committee Report
The Business Committee Report from the April 1, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.  
Trustees received a report advising that the Board received $174,562 in additional transportation funding for 2007-08 to address increased fuel costs.
A slide presentation and memo provided by the Ministry outlining the 2008-09 Grants for Student Needs was also received by the committee.
Educational Issues Report
The Educational Issues Report from the April 1, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.   
The committee was provided information on the three leadership sessions being presented by the Association of Bluewater Administrators and the System Administrative Team to support teachers who may want to seek administrative positions in the future.  
Information was provided regarding an evening information session for parents where Dr. Helen Bochar spoke on the topic of strengthening of the home teacher role.
The committee received information on the Aboriginal Symposium, “Beat of the Drum” outlining the program and announcing that the keynote speaker Dr. Pamela Rose Toulouse from Laurentian University was to address teachers during the morning session on Aboriginal Students and Self Esteem and that her presentation would also be shared with community members at Amabel-Sauble School and with school administrators.
The symposium continues the work of the Board in supporting Aboriginal students and building the awareness of Aboriginal issues with staff and students.

Policy Committee Report
The Policy Committee Report from the March 18, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.  The Policy Committee received and discussed a draft a new policy Use of Personal Electronic Devices recommending that it be sent to various committees as well as the system prior to being returned to the committee for approval.  Other Policies reviewed and sent out for review were E-Mail – Acceptable Use; Network Resources – Limited Personal Use; and Software Selection and Installation.

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)
The SEAC report from the March 31, 2008 meeting was received.  The committee was provided with updates on the moving of the Section 23 classroom in Walkerton to the former James A. Magee School. The Ministry of Education has recognized our positive partnership with Keystone by inviting Bluewater to attend a Provincial meeting about adolescent anxiety.  Positive feedback was received on our Positive Behaviour Support Approach from a CODE Audit.  An Education Day is being hosted by the Autism Ontario Grey Bruce Chapter on May 9th and on April 30th Todd Cunningham, a motivational speaker will be speaking in Kincardine about being learning disabled.
Information was received on the Student Success Initiative, the software used on Specialized Equipment and the process for at-home use.  A history of the Ontario Disability ACT (ODA) Plan was provided.
Joint Health & Safety Committee
The Board received the report from the Joint Health and Safety Committee meeting of February 28th, 2008.  The committee dealt with items related to the Health & Safety Policy review, an update on the trial Traction Foot Grip, Fire Plans, Lockdown Plans, Power Outage information, Hearing Conservation and Worker Concerns as well as the Plant Department report.
Student Senate Report
Student senators reported that a T-Shirt campaign is underway in Walkerton and is part of the “Save Darfur” Campaign.
It was reported that the Saugeen District Band attended Music Fest in Collingwood and obtained silver and will be going on to the Nationals in Ottawa.  The Saugeen District Grade 12 Drama program presented a play on Suicide, and Ray Auger was present to provide counselling and there were cards handed out that included the Kids’ Help Line phone numbers as well as appropriate website addresses.
The Senior and Intermediate Bands from Georgian Bay Secondary attended the Kiwanis Music Festival and achieved Gold Standard for the fifth consecutive year.  
Lauren Best, the Student Trustee from OSCVI provided trustees with an outline of a play that was originally produced by Bluewater students in 2006 on Date Rape and is now a professional Forum Theater Play that enables audience interaction.  The play is currently being shown to 2300 secondary students and grades 7 and 8 students.  Teachers and counselors have attended an in-service and will be available at each site.  Mary Anne Alton commended Lauren who attended the in-service and so eloquently provided a student voice and student perspective for the teachers on the PD day.
Educational Issues
B-3-a i)
OSCVI San Francisco Trip – Business Education – April 9 to 13, 2009
Lauren Best presented this trip to the Board requesting approval for students from grade 10 to12 to participate in a Business Education trip to San Francisco from April 9 to 13, 2009.
Motion 08.04.28:  Moved by Jan Johnstone, Seconded by Marilyn McComb
That Bluewater District School Board approve the OSCVI Business Education field trip to San Francisco from April 9 to 13, 2009.Carried
 B-3-a ii)
Kincardine District Secondary School Eurotrip – London, Brussels and Paris – October 9 to 17, 2008
That Bluewater District School Board approve the Kincardine District Secondary School Euro trip to London, Brussels and Paris from October 9 to 17, 2008.
Motion 08.04.29:  Moved by Jan Johnstone, Seconded by Jennifer Yenssen
That Bluewater District School Board approve the Kincardine District Secondary School Eurotrip to London, Brussels and Paris from October 9 to 17, 2008.Carried
Attawapiskat School
Trustees watched a You-Tube presentation by the children of Attawapiskat requesting the government to honour their commitment to build a new school.  Their school was closed several years ago due to contamination and they have been located in portables since that time.  Jan Johnstone requested that the trustees support a motion whereby the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association and its member boards would encourage the Government of Canada to build a new school in the Attawapiskat community.
Motion 08.04.30:  Moved by Jan Johnstone, Seconded by Marg Gaviller
WHEREAS, the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA) has determined First Nation, Metis and Inuit education to be a key priority for 2007-2008; and
WHEREAS, OPSBA noted in its position paper on Second language learning (November 2005) that First Nations students entering the provincial school system from the federally-funded schools are disadvantaged as a result of systemic issues related to inadequate resources in federal funding; and
WHEREAS, well maintained and welcoming learning environments are absolutely crucial for students to succeed academically and become contributing and responsible members of society; andWHEREAS, the Bluewater District School Board supports the Attawapiskat reserve in its right to have a new school built in their community through funding from INAC;
THAT the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association and its member boards encourage the Government of Canada to fund the building of a new school in the Attawapiskat community; and
THAT the Ontario public School Boards’ Association work with the Canadian School Boards’ Association in identifying on-reserve schools that are required to be built across Canada and encourage the Government of Canada to adequately fund them in a timely manner.
Beat of the Drum
Steven Reid provided trustees with a power point presentation of the events that occurred on April 7th and 8th in relation to the Aboriginal Symposium “Beat of the Drum”.  The event was a joint effort between Bluewater District School Board and Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board.  Dr. Pamela Rose Toulouse was the Keynote speaker for the symposium providing awareness on the unique learning needs of First Nations students.  Chief Ralph Akiwenzie and Chief Randall Kahgee were present both days and started the day with messages. The singing and drumming provided a powerful ending to the symposium.
Concours 2008
Concours 2008 took place on March 26th at Kinghurst Community School with the results released in a Media Release immediately following the competition.  Thirty-four speakers competed in eleven categories.  Three Bluewater students were the official time-keepers and the speeches were judged by six community judges.   Sue Lawrence, from West Hill was acknowledged for her leadership role and Susan Geisel for her system level coordination.  All participants received a certificate to acknowledge their accomplishments.
Staff Reports
2008-2009 School Year Calendars
Trustees were provided with a report requesting approval of school calendars that have the traditional start date of the Tuesday following Labour Day, a two week break at Christmas and one week March break as defined by Regulation 304.
Motion 08.04.31:  Moved by Marily McComb, Seconded by Rick Galbraith
That Bluewater District School Board approve the attached 2008-2009 Elementary and Secondary School Year Calendars.Carried
Native Representation on the Board
Trustees were presented with a report outlining the legislative authority that provides for one native trustee to be appointed to Bluewater District School Board.  This report was prepared in response to a letter from Chief Ralph Akiwenzie of the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation, designating Gail Nadjiwon as their representative on the Board.  Bluewater District School Board currently has a native trustee appointed from the Chippewas of Saugeen First Nation.  In accordance with Regulations Bluewater District School Board is only able to appoint one person to represent the interests of First Nation students.  Research indicates that other Boards with many more Bands and Treaty Agreements, where less than 25% of their students are First Nations, have only one native trustee appointed to represent the interests of all First Nations students.  Trustees discussed the following approaches utilized by other boards to determine First Nation representation on the board:
1.      An established committee with native representation accepts applications from all the band councils and selects the successful candidate through an interview process for the same time period of an elected member (four years);       
2.      The Board accepts applications from the band councils and selects the successful candidate for the same time period of an elected member (four years); or
3.      The Board appoints a native trustee for a period of one year ant the position rotates on an annual basis between or amongst the bands that have agreements with the Board.
Trustees agreed that the report and a covering letter be provided to the Chippewas of Saugeen First Nations Band Council and the Chippewas of Nawash First Nation Band Council and the Aboriginal Education Advisory Committee requesting that they discuss the formats and determine their preference to an approach to determine our Native trustee by the end of June.
Budgeted Employment Tracking Report
The Board received for information purposes the current employment tracking report, a report that shows the budgeted number of staff and actual numbers on the payroll.
Full Time Early Learning Background for Input to OPSBA
In response to a request from OPSBA for information to be considered in providing input on the government’s move to implement full-time Early Learning, a report from the Bluewater perspective was provide to trustees.  The report identified capital planning considerations, ongoing successful community partnerships related to Early Learning in Bruce and Grey Counties, staffing considerations, and program requirements. Trustees agreed that if extra staffing is to be made available it would be important that they be an Educational Assistant with Early Childhood knowledge or an Early Childhood Educator and that all costs be provided for in the provincial funding formula.  It was also identified that from a Bluewater perspective that there needs to be a full review of the Kindergarten program as Bluewater’s current assessment framework exceeds the expectations for the end of SK in the Ministry program.
Board Day Schedule and Board Committee Day Schedule
The trustees were provided with a staff report that provided alternatives to the current scheduling of the Board Day meetings and the Board Committee Day meetings schedules.
The report provided trustees with the format to be initiated in September 2008 and reviewed in March 2009.
Motion 08.04.32:  Moved by Cindy Aitken , Seconded by Marilyn McComb
That Bluewater District School Board implement the revised schedule for Board Day and Board Committee Day for the 2008-09 school year and that the effectiveness of this schedule be reviewed by the Board in March 2009.Carried
Owen Sound Accommodation Review – 60 Day Notice to Final Decision
Trustees received the Consolidated Report of the Accommodation Review Committee (ARC) and Senior Administration Team for Owen Sound East.  This report provided accountability and compliance to the policy and included a process overview, chronology of events, policy compliance, Accommodation Review Committee/Senior Administration recommendation, summary listing of ARC study alternatives and a table of study alternatives including, capital/operating cost, transportation & ARC/Senior Administration Assessment.  The report also provided a list of Web accessible information.  Receipt of this report initiates the 60 day period before trustees can vote on the ARC recommendation.  The earliest date that a vote can be taken is June 17th 2008.
Notice of Motion
None were received
Communications – Staff/Trustees/Student Trustees
Trustees were provided with an advertisement celebrating Volunteer Week, April 27 – May 3, 2008 that will appear in local newspapers.
Establishment of Committees
Conferences/Conventions/Out-of-County Meetings
Bluewater DSB Calendar of Events
Motion 08.04.33:  Moved by Jan Johnstone, Seconded by Marilyn McComb
That Bluewater District School Board adjourn at  5:00 p.m.


Director of Education

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