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Board Meetings

May 20, 2008

TUESDAY, MAY 6, 2008

Cindy Aitken (Committee Chair), John Chapman, Rick Galbraith, Marg Gaviller, Jan Johnstone, Ross King, Marilyn McComb, Natalka Pucan, Tim Reaburn, and Jennifer Yenssen
Steven Reid (Co-ordinator), Mary Anne Alton, Alana Murray, Marnie Coke, Richard Gerson, Lori Wilder, Brenda Booth and Joan Farrow (Executive Assistant)
Natalka Pucan & Rick Galbraith, Trustees; Nathan Lantz and Laura Campbell (Student Senators)

The Educational Issues Committee received the following reports:
•     School Effectiveness Framework
•     Early Dismissal 2008-2009

Staff Reports -  School Effectiveness Framework
In September of 2007 the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat introduced the School Effectiveness Framework:  A Collegial Process for Continued Growth in the Effectiveness of Ontario Elementary Schools (SEF).  It was developed in cooperation with teachers’ federations, principals’ councils, superintendent associations, faculties of education and diagnosticians within education.  The goal in developing this tool was to improve student achievement through development of internal capacity.

There are two components to the School Effectiveness Framework:  the School Self-Assessment and the District Review. In the pilot year of 2007-08, the self-assessment is to be used by all Ontario schools and the District Review is to be used in a sampling of schools within each District.  Bluewater started this pilot process with four OFIP schools that were not involved with the Change Management Collaborative.

The School Self Assessment Process will assist in continued development of School Program Plans with a focus on areas for improvement.  This process is led and monitored by the principal and school leadership team during a three month period.  The District Review Process component of the Framework will inform board priority setting and budget processes as well as informing schools regarding revisions to School Program Plans.  All boards and schools will use the Framework in 2008-2009.

Early Dismissal 2008-2009
Marnie presented a report summarizing the four Early Dismissal Days for the 2008-2009 school year.  Feedback from principals, vice-principals and teachers for these days has been overwhelmingly positive in the past.  The purpose of the days is to help with implementation of programs such as the School Effectiveness Framework as well as providing an opportunity for teachers to work collaboratively at the school level.  

The Ministry of Education has supported professional development for the province by providing six professional activity days on the school year calendar.  It would be the preference of our Bruce Grey Catholic District School Board partners that the school year calendar reflects the Ministry expectations.  Bluewater educators have greatly appreciated the support the board has provided through the Early Dismissal Days, recognizing the time needed for staff development, which improves student learning

THAT the Bluewater District School Board approve the Early School Dismissal Plan.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
20 May 2008     
For further information please contact
Chair Cindy Aitken or  Steven Reid,
Superintendent of Instruction


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