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Board Meetings


June 17, 2008


Owen Sound East
Consolidated Accommodation Review Committee/Senior Administration Report

Process Overview/Chronology/Policy Compliance
Board Policy provides that annually the Director serves notice to the board of trustees of schools that meet the qualify conditions for an accommodation review.  Upon receipt of the report the board of trustees is required to make a decision as whether the schools identified will proceed with an Accommodation review. Intent to conduct an accommodation review for Owen Sound East schools was approved by the board of trustees on October 16th 2008 thus commencing the 60 day period before the first public meeting was required to be held.  An Accommodation Review Committee was appointed during this period and the required Pre Public Consultation Accommodation Review Information Reports were filed with the ARC.

A listing of the public meetings, including copies of public input, is posted to the board’s web site as noted above. Subsequent to these meetings, board staff provided addition background information and responded to questions as required.

The completion of the ARC public meeting period ended April 4th 2008. The ARC and Senior Administration prepared the required reports for the Board meeting of April 15th 2008. At this meeting the board was required to receive the report of the ARC and Senior Administration and commence a sixty day waiting period before the final vote on the ARC recommendation could be made. The earliest date that a vote could be taken was June 17th, 2008.

Following the receipt of the Accommodation Review Committee report, regular board meeting policy and procedure applied to dealing with the report, with the exception of the 60 day waiting period, before a vote can be taken.

There was no request by the ARC to extend the period.

Senior Administration Review
Per the policy, the senior administration team has reviewed the recommendation of the ARC and agrees with their recommendation.  The recommendation to reduce the number of schools on the east side of Owen Sound assists in reducing the number of student spaces that remain open.  The configuration of three Junior Kindergarten to grade eight schools eliminates one transition from school to school which is beneficial to student achievement.  The plan also maintains school presence in all Owen Sound east neighbourhoods.   By doing so, there are health benefits to our students who will continue to walk to school and reductions in air pollution with fewer buses travelling throughout the city.


That Bluewater District School Board will:

Close Strathcona Sr. Public School effective August 31, 2008.
Reconfigure Alexandra Community School, Bayview Public School and Sydenham Community School as JK – 8 schools.  For the school year 2008-09 Bayview Public and Sydenham Community school will be JK – 7 and Alexandra Community School will be JK – 8.  Current grade seven students at Strathcona Sr. Public School will be transferred to Alexandra Community School for the 2008-09 school year.
Build a new school on the existing site to replace Alexandra Community School subject to available funding.
Direct that the OSOR Cards for previous students who attended Strathcona Sr. Public School be forwarded to Alexandra Community School.  Other remaining student records must be referred to the appropriate school attendance area based on the student’s address while attending the school designated for closure.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
17 June 2008
For more information please contact
Marnie Coke, Superintendent of Elementary and
Area Superintendent for Owen Sound East


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