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Excellence in Education

September 16, 2008

Excellence in Education
“First Time, Full Time” Conference for Students

The “First Time, Full Time” Conference is a conference for students which has been held at the CAW Center in Port Elgin for three years. Students from all Bluewater secondary schools and Bruce Grey Catholic schools participate in certification training seminars, complete a written evaluation and receive various certifications.

The First Time Full Time concept was conceived three years ago as an opportunity to give students heading to their first time job after high school, some additional credentials to enhance their employability.  It aligns perfectly with the specialized sector certification component within Specialist High Skills Majors.

Dave Barrett, Program Manager, Saugeen Economic Development Corporation, and Susan Seifert, Program Director, Family YMCA Community & Employment Services, have been instrumental in developing this conference.  They participated in the selection of presenters, communication with outside agencies and have provided significant financial assistance.

Dave Barrett continues to use his connections with the CAW to secure that venue and has chaired our working committee.
We continue to be encouraged by the positive feedback we receive from students who participate in this conference.  For a minimal fee, students are treated like adults, receive certification that will make their pathway clearer and have found the day to be extremely worthwhile.  Students select from over 15 different certification or training programs, including Forklift training, Smart Serve, Customer Service, Propane and others. Our presenters have been very impressed with our students.

In addition to the specific involvement in the First Time Full Time conference, both Dave Barrett and Sue Seifert continue to support the work of Student Success in Bluewater. They sit on several of the Specialist High Skills steering committees and have presented to our Student Success teachers.

We were invited to present at the Coop Teachers Conference in the fall of 2007 and many boards are now replicating this student conference.

We are delighted to welcome Dave Barrett and Sue Seifert to receive an excellence in education award for their work with this conference and their continued passionate involvement in making connections with today’s youth.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
September 16, 2008
For further information please contact
Jean Stephenson, Student Success Leader

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