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Board Meetings

September 16, 2008

Education Centre – Chesley
Tuesday, June 17, 2008
1:30 p.m.

(Subject to Board Approval)

Cindy Aitken, John Chapman, Rick Galbraith, Margaret Gaviller, Jan Johnstone, Marilyn McComb, Ross King (Chair), Natalka Pucan, Tim Reaburn, Jennifer Yenssen
Board Officials:
Mary Anne Alton, Director of Education; Marnie Coke, Superintendent of Elementary Education; Brenda Booth, Superintendent of Business and Treasurer; Richard Gerson, Administrator of Employee Relations; Alana Murray, Superintendent of Secondary Education; Steven Reid, Superintendent of Instruction; Lori Wilder, Superintendent of Student Services
Student Senators:
ABA Representative:
Jan Chamberlain Principal, Bayview Public School
Student Trustees:
Recording Secretary:
Heather Catto, Corporate Services Supervisor
Board Officials:
Student Trustee:
Lauren Best, OSCVI; Stephanie Code, Saugeen District; Laura Campbell, West Hill
Student Senators:   
Luke Albert, Walkerton District; Dylan Smith, Georgian Bay; Nathan Lantz, John Diefenbaker; Chantelle Eckenswiller, Bruce Peninsula; Alex McAlpine, Grey Highlands; Ethan Lawrence, Chesley District; Andrew Poulsen, Kincardine Secondary; Sienna Forster, Peninsula Shores; April Thompson, Saugeen District;

Call to Order
Ross King called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. welcoming everyone to today’s meeting.
Reflection/Silent Prayer
Ross King asked everyone present to take a moment as the school year ends to look forward to the holidays and remember to have a safe, healthy and happy summer.
Excellence in Education
The Schoolhouse Project
Mary Anne Alton introduced the schoolhouse project that included partnerships with the Retired Teachers' of Ontario (RTO) Grey Unit, Retired Women Teachers' of Ontario (RTWO) Owen Sound and Area Branch and Grey Roots Museum and Archives who worked together to provide a setting whereby students could study and gain an appreciation of the school experience of their ancestors.  To provide the setting Bud Halpin a teacher of Construction Technology at Saugeen District Secondary and his students played a major role in the construction of a replica of a one-room schoolhouse at the Grey Roots Museum & Archives.  Welcomed at today's meeting were Bud Halpin - teacher, Brian Manser - Manager of Grey Roots Museum and Archives, Bevin Lougheed - RTO, Don Sankey - RTO, Jim Rackley - Principal, SDSS, and Myrt Heinrich, RTO/RTWO who were all present to provide an overview of the project.
Bluewater Schools Provincial and National Award Winners 2007-2008 School Year
Mary Anne Alton, recognized schools, students and staff who have achieved Provincial or National awards during the 2007-2008 school year.  
Approval of Agenda
Motion 08.06.43:  Moved by Jan Johnstone, Seconded by Rick Galbraith
That the agenda for the meeting of June 17, 2008 be approved.
Approval of Minutes
The Chair asked if there were any errors or omissions, none were reported.
Motion 08.06.44:  Moved by John Chapman, Seconded by Marilyn McComb
That the minutes of the Board Meeting of May 20, 2008 be approved as printed.
Business Arising From the Minutes
Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest
Delegations Where Prior Notice Has Been Given
Delegations With Prior Notice
Reports from Committee of the Whole in Closed Session
Jennifer Yenssen brought forward one motion from Committee of the Whole in Closed Session.
Motion 08.06.45:  Moved by Marg Gaviller, Seconded Ross King
That Bluewater District School Board remove the term “Acting” from Brenda Booth’s title and that she be appointed Superintendent of Business effective immediately.
Committee Reports

Business Committee Report
The Business Committee Report from the June 3, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.  
Trustees received a report and presentation regarding the Board’s 2008 Capital Plan as well as the third draft of the 2008-09 budget.
Educational Issues Report
The Educational Issues Report from the June 3, 2008 meeting was received by the Board.
The committee received a report on the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat Expectations that all school boards will support enhanced student learning through professional development activities.  This expectation brought about the Bluewater Change management Collaborative (CMC) which was designed to promote a school-wide approach to literacy and numeracy instruction.  Osprey Central School staff presented an overview of the CMC process that has taken place in their school over the last eighteen months.The Committee held a follow up discussion in response to the delegations from Port Elgin and Kincardine who attended the May Board meeting.  Trustees were provided with a summary of supportive evidence based data from Hillcrest Elementary School in Owen Sound where reduction of the rotary system has been in place for three years

Policy Committee Report
The Policy Committee Report from the May 20, 2008 meeting was received by the Board. The Policy Committee reviewed and recommended to the Board that they approve the following policies as amended: Policy BP 1403-D “Sympathy Tributes and Memorial Recognitions”; Policy BP 6951-D “Assessment and Evaluation”; and Policy BP 2880-D “Animal Care”.  The committee also completed the annual review of Policy BP 5902-D “Community Education and Community Use of Schools” and recommended that the Board endorse this policy as previously approved.
Motion 08.06.46:  Moved by Rick Galbraith, Seconded Tim Reaburn
That Bluewater District School Board approve Policy BP 1403-D “Sympathy Tributes and Memorial Recognitions” as amended.
Motion 08.06.47:  Moved by Marg Gaviller, Seconded John Chapman
That Bluewater District School Board approve Policy BP 6951-D “Assessment and Evaluation” as amended.
Motion 08.06.48:  Moved by Cindy Aitken, Seconded Jennifer Yenssen
That Bluewater District School Board approve Policy BP 2880-D “Animal Care” as amended.
Motion 08.06.49:  Moved by Rick Galbraith, Seconded Marilyn McComb
That Bluewater District School Board endorse Policy BP 5902-D “Community Education” as previously approved.

Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC)
The SEAC report from the May 12, 2008 meeting was received.  
The committee received updates on training provided on PPM 140 (Applied Behaviour Analysis and Autism Spectrum Disorder),  that a Bluewater team was sent to a meeting on June 6th to assist in the development of a Kindergarten to grade 12 resource guide and the Specialist Equipment Amount grant application was submitted for 1.1 million dollars.  
Joint Health & Safety Committee
The committee dealt with several items including, the Health & Safety Policy, traction Foot Grip Trial update, power outage information, the plant department report, the safety office report, school safety committee minutes and monthly inspections, hearing conservation, health and safety system procedural audits and worker concerns.
Educational Issues (it was requested at this point of the agenda that B-3-b UNESCO Designation be brought forward)
UNESCO Designation
On June 2nd, 2008 St. Edmunds School in Tobermory and Bruce Peninsula District School in Lion’s Head, became the first schools in Ontario to receive the ASPnet (Associate School Project network) UNESCO designation.  This is a designation that took several years to achieve.  UNESCO focuses on four pillars; World Concerns; Human Rights; Intercultural Learning; and Environmental Concerns and these pillars are the foundation for creating relevance and cross curricular learning opportunities. Providing an overview of the journey taken were teachers Louise Johnstone and Elizabeth Burrow and students Luke Burrow, Ben Gross and Hannah Wilken.  Also in attendance was Jane Thomson, SCC member representing the many parents who have supported these schools achieving the UNESCO designation.
Field Trips
B-3-a i)
and B-3-a ii)
Alana Murray presented two Outers trips to the Board requesting approval for students from grades 10 and 12 to participate in the Outers Fall Hike in Bruce Peninsula National Park from October 23-25, 2008 as well as for students in grade 12 to participate in the Outers Flatwater Sea Kayaking Trip, Nobel, Ontario from October 6 to 10, 2008.
Motion 08.06.50:  Moved by Tim Reaburn, Seconded by Jan Johnstone
That Bluewater District School Board approve the Bruce Peninsula District School students to participate in the following Outers trips:
1.      Fall Hike in Bruce Peninsula National Park from October 23-25, 2008.
2.      Flatwater Sea Kayaking Trip, Nobel, Ontario from October 6 to 10, 2008.
B-3-a iii)
West Hill Secondary School – North American Envirothon – July 25 – August 3, 2008
Alana Murray presented this trip to the Board requesting approval for five grade 12 students to participate in the North American Envirothon in Flagstaff, Arizona from July 25 to August 3, 2008.
Motion 08.06.51:  Moved by Marg Gaviller, Seconded by Jan Johnstone
That Bluewater District School Board approve the participation of five Grade 12 West Hill Secondary School students in the North American Envirothon trip to Flagstaff, Arizona from July 25 to August 3, 2008.
 B-3-a iv); B-3-a v);B-3-a vi); and B-3-a vii)
Georgian Bay Secondary School School – Pursuits Trips
Alana Murray presented the four Pursuits trips to the Board requesting approval for students from grade twelve to participate in the Bruce Peninsula National Park Cyprus Lake Trip, September 8 to 11, 2008; the Killarney Canoe Trip, October 2 to 9, 2008; the Bruce Trail Hiking Trip , October 27 to 29, 2008; and the 24 Hour Experience Trip, November 20 and 21, 2008.
Motion 08.06.52:  Moved by Jan Johnstone, Seconded by Rick Galbraith
That Bluewater District School Board approve the Georgian Bay Secondary School Pursuits trips:
1.      Bruce Peninsula National Park Cyprus Lake Trip form September 8 to 11, 2008
2.      Killarney Canoe Trip from October 2 to 9, 2008
3.      Bruce Trail Hiking Trip from October 27 to 29, 2008
4.      24 Hour Experience Trip from November 20 to 21, 2008
Student Senate Report
Student Senators were not present to provide a report due to exam schedules.  However, Marg Gaviller, trustee acknowledged the accomplishment of student trustee Lauren Best, who was featured in the Saturday Sun Times for being chosen Poet of the Month.
Staff Reports
OPA Student Assessment Project
Lori Wilder introduced Dr. Brenda McLister who provided background information to the trustees on the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) project funding which allowed the board to hire an additional Psychological Services staff person temporarily and increased our capacity to provide assessments, reducing wait times for these assessments.  The participation of teachers in the post assessment became a standard practice which increased participation to 85% from 45 % achieved in the previous year.  This is supportive of collaborative working relationships between teachers and in-school team members and other student services staff such as psychologists and area resource teachers.  This increased understanding of the information provided by psychological assessments may increase the ability to identify other students who may benefit from such assessments and enable the teacher to use the information in planning for student instruction.
ADHD Project
Lori Wilder introduced Carolynn Dyer, who provided trustees with a powerpoint presentation based on a partnership that Bluewater District School Board had entered into with the Hospital for Sick Children that was funded by the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO). The study focused on Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) a disorder that has a prevalence rate of 5%-12% in school aged children.  The objective is to determine the effectiveness of providing elementary teachers with professional development as well as to enhance the capacity of boards to support teachers of students with mental health issues, by using broadband and information communication technologies.
Budgeted Employment Tracking Report
The Board received for information purposes the current employment tracking report, a report that shows the budgeted number of staff and actual numbers on the payroll.
Budget 2008-09
Brenda Booth provided the trustees with a budget backgrounder.  The trustees were provided with an overview of each of the envelope areas and the budget reductions that were being recommended in these areas to reach the target of a balanced budget.  
Motion 08.06.53:  Moved by Marg Gaviller, Seconded by Marilyn McComb
That Bluewater District School Board approve the 2008-09 Budget in the amount of $185,468,855 including capital and debt payments.
Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test Results – March 2008Alana Murray presented the highlights of the EQAO test results of the Grade 10 Literacy Test for Bluewater District School Board.  Trustees were informed that the EQAO publicly released the school, board and provincial results on June 11, 2008.  It was further stated that Bluewater District School Board has maintained a pass rate of greater then 75% for the past five years and that this is a tribute to the focus on literacy across all subject disciplines and the commitment to improved student learning by staff and students.  However, the data has flat lined locally and provincially which means we need to continue to explore effective strategies to improve student learning.
Owen Sound Area of Schools Recommendation
Marnie Coke presented the trustees with an overview of the preferred recommendation made by the Owen Sound East Consolidated Accommodation Review Committee/Senior Administration Report.  The sixty day waiting period has elapsed since the Board received the ARC committee’s report and the Board can now make its final determination on the recommendations received.
Motion 08.06.54:  Moved by Marg Gaviller, Seconded by Jan Johnstone
That Bluewater District School Board will:
1.      Close Strathcona Sr. Public School effective August 31, 2008.
2.      Reconfigure Alexandra Community School, Bayview Public School and Sydenham Community School as JK – 8 schools.  For the school year 2008-09 Bayview Public School and Sydenham Community schools will be JK – 7 and Alexandra Community School will be JK – 8.  Current grade seven students at Strathcona Sr. Public School will be transferred to Alexandra Community School for the 2008-09 school year.
3.      Build a new school on the existing site to replace Alexandra Community School subject to available funding.
4.      Direct that the OSOR Cards for previous students who attended Strathcona Sr. Public School be forwarded to Alexandra Community School.  Other remaining student records must be referred to the appropriate school attendance area based on the student’s address while attending the school designated for closure.
Notice of Motion
None were received
Communications – Staff/Trustees/Student Trustees
Jan Johnstone provided trustees with an update from OPSBA noting that Bluewater’s motion pertaining to the Attawapiskat school was going to be presented at the National conference in Regina.  She also reported on motions that went forward at the OPSBA Annual General Meeting.
Establishment of Committees
Conferences/Conventions/Out-of-County Meetings
Bluewater DSB Calendar of Events
Motion 08.06.54:  Moved by John Chapman, Seconded by Jan Johnstone
That Bluewater District School Board adjourn at 4:14 p.m.


Director of Education

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