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Board Meetings

October 21, 2008


New Character Development “Four Language” Poster

The second character development poster came as a result of discussion at the Community Relations Council.  Todd Wainwright, who is a member of this Council, has provided system leadership related to our character development focus.

The Community Relations Council was responsible for the design and selection of the first poster which depicted Bluewater students and staff demonstrating each of the ten character attributes.  It was the desire of the Council to involve students in the second version of the character development poster.

Student trustees/senators provided input about the design of the second poster and the process for inviting student submissions.  They reviewed the work which was submitted and short listed designs which they thought conveyed each of the ten character attributes.  Based on design elements and the desire to achieve balance from elementary and secondary students, the final choices were made by the Community Relations Council.  In keeping with our belief in building inclusionary cultures, four languages representing student voices in Bluewater were included in the second character development poster

The submissions of the following students were selected for inclusion in the four language character development poster:

Julia Anne Hallam, Elgin Market Public School
Mackenzie Marshall, Huron Heights
Codi Hawes, Peninsula Shores District School
Itunu Talabi, Elgin Market Public School
Airianna Murdoch-Fyke, Huron Heights
Kasey Hills, Keppel-Sarawak
Picture of Chesley District High School Students
Self Discipline:
Jesse Chen, Huron Heights
Melanie Goldmintz, Georgian Bay Secondary School
Emily Franken, Egremont Community School

Each of these students will receive a plaque mounted version of the poster and arrangements are being made for area superintendents and/or area trustees to present the poster at a suitable event in their home school.

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Bluewater District School Board
Mary Anne Alton, Director of Education  
October 21, 2008


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