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Board Meetings

November 18, 2008


The Board’s Special Education Advisory Committee met on October 27, 2008 at the Administration Centre, Chesley

Trudy Baran, Chair
Bill Rich
Phil Dodd (R)
Karen Nunn, Vice-Chair (R)
Annemarie Payette (R)
Sandy Ribey (R)
Corinne Wolsey (R)
Andy Swan
Marilyn McComb
Rick Galbraith
Autumn Hachey (R)
Alexandra Nickels (R)
Lori Wilder
Janice Greenwood
Carolynn Dyer
Darlene Thomson
Debbie Zevenbergen
Donna Torrie
Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Assoc.
Keystone Child, Youth and Family Services
Grey-Bruce Community Care Access Centre
The Environmental Hypersensitivity Association of Ontario
Ontario Brain Injury Assoc.
Bluewater Council of Home & School Assoc.
Community Living Kincardine & District
Student Senator
Student Senator
Superintendent of Student Services
Principal of Student Services
Vice-Principal of Student Services
Executive Assistant (Recorder)

National Service Dog
Speech-Language Pathologist – Specialized Equipment Focus

Dennis Boyle (R)
Sheila Dowler (R)

Annemarie Payette (R)

The following items were presented:

The April 24th PD day will have a Special Education focus with “Education for All” as the framework.
The OPA project will be continuing this year with decreased funding.  We are committed to building on the success we had last year.
Night courses are available for staff regarding Autism and ASD.  There are two sites, one in Hanover and the other at OSCVI.
For the early dismissal and professional development days, student services staff are offering a substantial number of workshops.
The Grey Bruce Children’s Alliance, of which Bluewater is a member, hosted a Poverty Forum in Owen Sound on October 27th from 1-5 and “Danny, King of Basement”, a free play, was performed at OSCVI in the evening.
“Learning for All” will be a grades K-12 teacher resource document to compliment “Education for All”.
A provincial committee is being established to help students/parents determine what kinds of assessments are needed for students entering college and university to access special education support.

Agenda Items:

Debbie Zevenbergen, a mom of an Autistic child and Jacks, a National Service Dog, were guests of the meeting.
Debbie spoke about the process she went through to obtain Jacks and the yearly training requirements in order to obtain a Public Access Card for Jacks
Carolynn Dyer gave an overview of the WRAPid response model.
Donna Torrie presented the changes to the forms that will be used for borrowing specialized equipment.
Janice Greenwood presented the draft Service Dog Protocol.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
November 18, 2008               
For further information please contact
Lori Wilder, Superintendent of Student Services
Marilyn McComb, Trustee
Rick Galbraith, Trustee


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