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Board Meetings

February 17, 2009

Excellence in Education


During the week of September 29th to October 3rd, 2008, Mr. Follett's grade 8 class at Alexandra Community School and Mr. Godward’s grade 4 class at Dufferin Elementary School participated in an intensive arts education workshop offered by Owen Sound Little Theatre and Sheatre. Through creative workshops lead by Joan Chandler and David Sereda, the students developed ideas, scenes and songs based on the travels of a young girl as she discovers the joys and difficulties of winter. The play also introduces characters from Owen Sound's past and present. Once the ideas had been created, the work of the students was revised, extended and refined, culminating in the final production called "Snow Wonder" which the grade 4 to 8 students from Alexandra and the grade 4 to 6 students from Dufferin attended at the Roxy.

This whole process was a wonderful opportunity for our students to participate in the process of developing a production for the stage and learning about not only the creative process, but the magic of collaboration and about the rich heritage of Owen Sound. As Judith Glover, the Theatre Manager stated, the purpose of the Snow Wonder experience was to..."encourage participation of our youth, expand our audience, reach out to our community, create opportunities for arts in education and education in arts, work with a variety of arts professionals, explore different performing arts disciplines and celebrate the 150th birthday of Owen Sound!"

The whole experience was an extremely positive one for our students and demonstrates the value of community partnerships. These enrich both our students and the community at large.

We would like to welcome David Sereda and Joan Chandler from Owen Sound Little Theater and Sheatre, Mr. Follett, teacher, and Denise Horvath, Principal, at Alexandra as well as Scott Jeffries, student at Alexandria; Mr. Godward, teacher, and Dan Russell, Principal, at Dufferin Elementary School who will provide an overview of the project and share some of the highlights with you.  

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
17 Febuary 2009 
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Marnie Coke, Superintendent of Elementary Education

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