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February 17, 2009

Elementary School Library Staff Investment
Elementary School Library Investment in Resources

The Ministry of Education provided Ontario school boards with funding for 2008-2009 to increase elementary school library staffing.  This new funding is to continue over the next four years and is to be spent on teacher librarians or library technicians.  Bluewater’s total 2008-2009 fiscal year allocation for the Elementary School Library Staff Investment was $118,265.

Bluewater chose to allocate the funds to schools for the second half of the school year.   This allowed us to double the support in the system for this short period of time.  The new position of school library clerk, under the Office Professional Technical employee group, was created.  Our plan has allocated a minimum of .1 FTE (equating to half a day per week) to each elementary school (with the exception of St. Edmunds), with the larger elementary schools receiving additional support. The new school library clerk positions were posted as temporary positions.  This has provided us with flexibility in staffing for September 2009 dependent upon 2009-2010 funding announcements for this allocation.

School Library Clerk Job Statement:
To work under the general direction of the school administrative team and work with the teaching staff to provide quality support to the staff and students in the area of resource-based learning.  The duties of the School Library Clerk (SLC) may vary from one school to another.  This job description may therefore be applicable only in part to the SLC role depending on the school requirements.  The principal, in consultation with the SLC, should determine the job requirements.  The following tasks should be considered as guidelines when setting priorities.

Essential functions and Responsibilities:

Maintain an effective library circulation system that facilitates searching, cataloguing and inventory control
Maintain a schedule of library bookings
Maintain physical organization of library resources
Provide support for administrative/clerical tasks such as ordering books or supplies, co-ordinating volunteer schedules for volunteer students and parents working in the library/resource area
Assist with promotional activities (book fairs) during regular working hours
May be assigned to supervise library during noon hours or recess

Elementary School Library Investment in Resources
The Ministry of Education recently announced the 2008-2009 allocation and requirements for the elementary school library investment in resources.  Bluewater has received $144,512.00 for this project.  The funds are to be used to enhance school library collections with materials for students to borrow from the library to promote reading.  Funds were allocated to schools based on a $1500.00 base allotment plus an additional amount equating to approximately $7.00 per student.  Schools received detailed instructions for the purchase of resources (from Ministry selected vendors) last week.  Purchases will be made centrally and new books should be in schools no later than March 31st, 2009.   

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
17 February 2009        
For more information please contact
Marnie Coke, Superintendent of Elementary


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