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Board Meetings

February 17, 2009


In compliance with Board Policy BP 3301-D “Naming of Schools and Board Facilities” the Director of Education was required to establish a committee to determine a name for the new building currently being constructed for the purpose of providing a central facility for employees at the Markdale Satellite Office and the Chesley Administration Centre.

In determining who should sit on this committee it was acknowledged that there was already a committee established (Transition Committee) to assist all departments in the transition from one space to another and the Director requested that this committee conduct research and recommend to the System Administration Team an appropriate name for the new facility.  This committee had already run a very successful competition open to all administration staff to select names for all the new meeting rooms.

This committee is representative of all areas of the board and to determine an appropriate name they reviewed names of other Board administration centres and upon completion of that review the committee recommended to the System Administrative Team that they recommend to the Board that the name for the new building should be:



The System Administrative Team has agreed with the committee that this name is consistent with the functions of an education administration facility and that it accurately reflects the identity of our organization.


THAT Bluewater District School Board approve the “Transition Committee’s” recommendation to name the new administration facility:  “Bluewater District School Board - Education Centre” and that all signage reflect this name.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
17 February 2009        
For more information please contact
Mary Anne Alton, Director of Education


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