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Board Meetings

March 24, 2009

February 25-26, 2009

The Ministry of Education held an Eco-friendly, and 100 mile friendly conference to launch the Acting Today, Shaping Tomorrow policy document.

Over 600 delegates attended, including a team of 8 Bluewater representatives
Our team consisted of Jennifer Cameron, Jodi Naves, Mike Laing, Sean Liipere, Deb Diebel, Laurel Sanderson, Megan Myles (additional report attached) and myself

A motivational and passionate keynote address was delivered by Dr. Roberta Bondar who set the stage for an inspiring two days of dialogue related to environmental initiatives, concerns, challenges and educational opportunities.

While the educators and environmentally concerned adults attended many engaging sessions, students were immersed in a workshop of their own.

The conference finale was a student presentation highlighting suggestions and recommendations for the Minister of Education.  The students were able to clearly articulate profound, creative recommendations.  

The gift of a tiny pebble (from the student presenters) left each participant with a symbolic reminder of our ties to the earth and our obligations to protect it.

Our Bluewater team will meet soon to begin co-ordination of continued system implementation.


Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
March 24, 2009          
For further information please contact
Jean Stephenson, Superintendent of
Student Success


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