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Board Meetings

May 19, 2009


The Board’s Special Education Advisory Committee met on April 27, 2009 at the Administration Center, Chesley

Trudy Baran, Chair
Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Assoc.
Alex Baran (R)
Bill Rich
Phil Dodd
Keystone Child, Youth and Family Services
Dennis Boyle (R)
Karen Nunn, Vice-Chair
Grey-Bruce Community Care Access Centre
Sheila Dowler (R)
Annemarie Payette (R)
The Environmental Hypersensitivity Association of Ontario
Sandy Ribey
Ontario Brain Injury Assoc.
Annemarie Payette (R)
Corinne Wolsey (R)
Bluewater Council of Home & School Assoc.
Andy Swan (R)
Community Living Kincardine & District
Linda Marak (R)
Dave Mason
Association for Bright Children
Lillian Watterworth (R)
Marilyn McComb
Jennifer Yenssen
Autumn Hachey (R)
Student Senator
Alexandra Nickels (R)
Student Senator
Lori Wilder
Superintendent of Student Services
Janice Greenwood (R)
Principal of Student Services
Melissa McEwen
Vice-Principal of Student Services
Darlene Thomson
Executive Assistant (Recorder)
Sarah Negus
Leslie Hastie
Psychological Associate
Christy Love
Area Resource Teacher
Suzanne Kennedy
Area Resource Teacher
Brenda Booth
Superintendent of Business

The following items were presented:
On the April 24th PD day, we had 6 sites throughout the Board with 101 workshops available.  All workshops had a “Learning for All” special education focus.  The Planning committee will meet in May to go through the feedback.
April 30th is submission date for Specialized Equipment deadline.
Dr. Jane Gillette is tentatively booked for the LRT/Administrators’ Symposium in September.
We are relocating the Section 23 at G.C. Huston to Saugeen District.  
Special education funding has decreased because of declining enrolment.  95% of the special education funding is stabilized.  The 5% remaining will be based on 17 Measures of Variability Amounts.  
Agenda Items:
Leslie Hastie gave SEAC an update on the Ontario Psychological Association (OPA) project with very positive results based on the objectives (reduce wait times; enhance teacher capacity; improve student literacy & numeracy; sustain assessment process & improvements for the long term).
Donna Torrie and Michael Morgan spoke to SEAC regarding the procedure for computer equipment disposal that is in place for Bluewater.
The Special Education Plan was reviewed and recommended for approval.

Submitted for information to:  
Bluewater District School Board
May 19, 2009            
For further information please contact
Lori Wilder, Superintendent of Student Services
Marilyn McComb, Trustee
Jennifer Yenssen, Trustee


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