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Board Meetings

June 16, 2009

Excellence in Education

WHSS Drama Production – “Crystal Clear:  Death by Meth”

Three years ago drama students at WHSS felt very strongly about the issues of Crystal Meth use and wanted to express their concerns to their peers. They wrote a script and performed a play called "Crystal Clear: Death by Meth".  This class worked in collaboration with community partners, including Grey Bruce FOCUS, to arrange for grade nine students from area schools to attend the production.  

This year, some of the students who were in the grade nine audience three years ago are now in the grade 12 drama class. These students were impacted so greatly by the message from the production they had viewed when they were in grade nine, that they revisited the original script, made a few changes and performed it again for new grade nine audiences.  The class contacted Grey Bruce FOCUS for support. As there is presently more prevalence of Meth use in the south of Grey and Bruce, an invitation was sent to the secondary schools in the area.  The Bijou Theatre Community Players offered the theatre as a venue for the production.
These plays, with FOCUS support, were performed at the Bijou Theatre in Chesley on May 12 and at West Hill Secondary School on May 21 and May 28 under the direction of Lisa Billings.

Students in grades 9 to 12 from Saugeen District Secondary School, Chesley District High School, John Diefenbaker Secondary School and West Hill Secondary Schools attended the performance.
These students have been able to portray realistically the physical and emotional horrors of this destructive drug.  They have shared a clear message with their peers about the impact this drug has on the lives of users, their families and friends.  The following quotes are a small sample of the feedback received:

“The professional performances of the actors, supplemented with video excerpts of local health care providers in our community, made this presentation on the dangers of crystal meth, simply first rate.”…Dan Weigand

“The quality of the presentation was superb!”…Ken Matheson

“I have heard nothing but good comments about your cast and crew and how they worked well on this project.”…Peter Clements

“Anyone who watched this play should be personally persuaded to not try meth.”…grade 9 student

“Very powerful.  Very convincing.  Overall, very well done.”…grade 9 student

Joining us today are, Lacey Mooney and Joe Flagler, cast members; Bricklin Auer and Jeremy Cooper, Sound & Light Crew; Lisa Billings, teacher/Director; Chris Ewing, teacher/Tech Crew Supervisor; Bernice Payne, principal; Marie Barclay and Lindsay Cook, Grey-Bruce Health Unit/FOCIS and SAAC sponsors; Mayda Palcic-Reid, teacher/SAAC sponsor. (Substance Abuse Action Committee)

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
16 June 2009
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Mary Anne Alton, Director of Education

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