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Board Meetings

June 16, 2009


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

John Chapman; Marg Gaviller; Jan Johnstone; Ross King; Marilyn McComb; Tim Reaburn; Paul Wehrle; Jennifer Yenssen
Cindy Aitken; Gail Nadjiwon; Teresa Root; Jasmine Bell (Student Senator, OSCVI); Anna James (Student Senator, GHSS)
Mary Anne Alton (Director of Education and Secretary); Brenda Booth (Superintendent of Business and Treasurer); Marnie Coke (Superintendent of Elementary Education); Richard Gerson (Administrator of Employee Relations); Alana Murray (Superintendent of Secondary Education); Jean Stephenson (Superintendent of Student Success); Lori Wilder (Superintendent of Student Services); Al Gibb (Manager, Plant Services Administration); Ginnie Smith (Recorder)

Delegation with Prior Notice – Rhonda Brown, Parent, SCC Member, Bayview CS
Rhonda Brown appeared as a delegation and spoke to the issue of the new parking lot at Bayview.  She questioned the need for the parking lot and the opportunity provided for public consultation.
Delegation with Prior Notice – Richard Thomas, SCC Chair, Bayview CS
Richard Thomas also spoke to the issue of the new parking lot at Bayview.  He provided historical information on the public consultation process held as part of the accommodation reviews in 2003/04 and 2007/08.  He advised that the Bayview SCC is still committed to the parking lot project.
Administrator Placements
Members received the report and media releases related to the administrator placements for September 2009.  Members were given the opportunity to ask questions.
Energy Efficiency School Funding Update
Members received a report providing further information on the timelines and funding for projects to be identified for the Energy Efficiency School Funding grant.  Members were given the opportunity to ask questions.
Letter of Support re Bruce Peninsula Remote and Rural Funding
Members received information on changes to the Geographic Circumstances Grant.  This was provided as background information to the letter the Bruce Peninsula SCC sent to the Minister of Education regarding the removal of the remote and rural funding for the school.  The Board will send a letter to the Minister of Education in support of the SCC’s request to have the funding re-established.
2009-10 Budget Draft 2
The Public Budget Meeting was held in the afternoon.  Members received a draft template of the 2009-10 Budget as well as supporting documentation to support information in the budget.  A list of possible areas for reduction in order to achieve a balanced budget was discussed by the members.  Members requested more information on decisions made on reductions and the impact to the system.  An additional budget meeting was scheduled for the morning of June 16/09.  A special Board Meeting will be held to approve the 2009-10 Budget.
Delegation without Prior Notice – Terry Garbutt
Members received a letter from Terry Garbutt who was unable to appear as a delegation but asked that his letter be put forward as a delegation.  The letter asked questions on the 2009-10 budget and process.  

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
16 June 2009
For more information please contact
Marg Gaviller, Committee Chair or
Brenda Booth, Superintendent of Business

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