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Board Meetings

June 16, 2009


The Board’s Special Education Advisory Committee met on May 25, 2009 at the Education Center, Chesley

Trudy Baran, Chair
Bill Rich
Phil Dodd
Karen Nunn, Vice-Chair Annemarie Payette (R)
Sandy Ribey
Corinne Wolsey (R)
Andy Swan (R)
Dave Mason
Marilyn McComb
Jennifer Yenssen
Autumn Hachey (R)
Alexandra Nickels (R)
Lori Wilder
Janice Greenwood (R)
Melissa McEwen
Darlene Thomson
Sarah Negus
Tammy Salmon
Dorene Taylor
Michael Morgan
Brenda Booth
Spina Bifida & Hydrocephalus Assoc.
Keystone Child, Youth and Family Services
Grey-Bruce Community Care Access Centre
The Environmental Hypersensitivity Association of Ontario
Ontario Brain Injury Assoc.
Bluewater Council of Home & School Assoc.
Community Living Kincardine & District
Association for Bright Children
Student Senator
Student Senator
Superintendent of Student Services
Principal of Student Services
Vice-Principal of Student Services
Executive Assistant (Recorder)

Educational Assistant Supervisor
Manger of Information Technology
Superintendent of Business
Alex Baran (R)

Dennis Boyle (R)
Sheila Dowler (R)

Annemarie Payette (R)

Linda Marak (R)
Lillian Watterworth (R)

The following items were presented:

Currently we have 327 students participating in the “No Child Without” program.
We recently completed a Ministry survey regarding PPM 140 on Autism.  Every school responded.
The PD Day on April 24th was very successful and we are now planning for the September 2nd PD day.
We are waiting for the resource document “Learning for All” which is scheduled for release in the summer.
The Ministry submission for the specialized equipment grant was submitted on April 30th for $1.3 million.
Representatives from Superior Greenstone Board and their mental health provider visited Bluewater to learn about our WRAP program.
Agenda Items:
Dorene Taylor, Educational Assistant Supervisor, spoke to the Educational Assistant Framework.  Bill Rich, SEAC member was part of the committee that developed this resource. The Framework contains the purpose, role, responsibilities, deployment, supervision and performance appraisal which follows the collective agreement for Educational Assistants. Dorene mentioned that Bluewater was used as an exemplar for EA training and informed SEAC of the training that has and will occur for Bluewater Educational Assistants.
Dorene mentioned that we have 196 graduates from our EA Apprenticeship Program.
Brenda Booth provided SEAC with clarification regarding the May 5th Public Budget Meeting and their questions that arose from that meeting.

Submitted for information to:   
Bluewater District School Board
June 16, 2009           
For further information please contact
Lori Wilder, Superintendent of Student Services
Marilyn McComb, Trustee
Jennifer Yenssen, Trustee


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