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Board Meetings

June 16, 2009


The Board’s Joint Health and Safety Committee met on Thursday, May 7th, 2009 at the Chesley
Education Centre with the following present:

PARTICIPANTS: Bob Farrell, OSSTF – Occasional Teachers, Co-Chair; Cindy Aitken, Trustee; Andy Amos, ESP; Glenn Boisvert, SSP; Doug Wright, CUPE; Bob Tucker, ETFO – Occasional Teachers; Richard Bryant, OSSTF – Student Services; Byron Harris, ETFO; Dan Kerr, OSSTF – Educational Assistants; Kevin Smith, OSSTF – Office, Clerical, Technician; Al Gibb, Plant Services Manager-Administration; Brenda Booth, Superintendent of Business; Mike Foulds, OSSTF – Secondary Teachers       
RESOURCE: Ron Motz, Occupational Health & Safety Officer; Terry Fraser, Health & Safety Assistant
REGRETS: Dave Dorscht, Custodial Supervisor; Marg Gaviller, Trustee, Co-Chair  

The Committee dealt with the following items:

Review of Minutes of February  5th, 2009 Meeting
School input for School Safety Committee Meetings
Phone Land Line Update
Tag/out Lockout Workgroup Update
AP3852 Accident Investigation Survey Report
Plant Services Report
Safety Office Report
School safety minutes & inspections
Accident Free Schools – 2008
WSIB Injury Statistics Update
Workplace Violence Regulation
Worker Concerns

Submitted for information to:   
Bluewater District School Board
June 16, 2009           
For further information please contact
Ron Motz, Safety Office or Brenda Booth,
Superintendent of Business


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