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Board Meetings

June 16, 2009

Notice of Motion
Report Overview

The following report has been prepared to provide trustees with background information related to the Notice of Motion from the May 19th, 2009 Board Meeting.  Specific requests for inclusion in this report from the Board were:      

Review of the history of the initiative to reduce rotary in Bluewater and the reasons why that initiative was undertaken
The state of grade 7 & 8 rotary in Bluewater elementary schools in 2008-09
What schools have planned for rotary in grades 7 & 8 for the 2009-10 school year
Summary of the advantages and disadvantages of reduced rotary (homeroom teacher model) timetables, based both on the current BWDSB experience, and available research and provincial best practices at the intermediate level of instructional practice
The report includes the following:
Report on Notice of Motion, Rotary Backgrounder provides an overview of the requested input that could be gathered within the two week time frame as well as some comment on the impact on schools if 50% rotary was mandated
Summary Survey Reviewing Reduced Number of Teacher Contacts for Elementary Students for 2008-09 provides information gathered from elementary principals that provided data for the report.  This summary also provides specific responses from individual schools related to timelines, discussions with School Community Councils as well as specific details about schools that have been unable to meet the Bluewater Standards of Practice and the reasons
Connections are Key:  Creating Global Citizens is a report that provides additional research background, an annotated bibliography, Bluewater teacher reflections and student insights about how the classroom of the 21st century should look.  Bluewater Board has partnered with Brock University to provide a Masters of Education program within Bruce/Grey.  Wendy Racknor, System Curriculum Lead Teacher has done extensive work with Dr. Susan Drake of Brock University related to her research in Interdisciplinary Planning. This report is in relation to that work and will provide additional background information for trustees
The timing of the motion will require clear and effective communication with principals related to school organization.  The elementary transfer/surplus process has been completed and teachers placed based on school organization that would reflect the current Bluewater Standards of Practice.  Board direction about how this message will be communicated to elementary principals will need to be provided.

The timing of the motion will not allow for School Community Council consultation on school organization for 2009-10.

Submitted to:
Bluewater District School Board
June 16, 2009           
For further information please contact
Mary Anne Alton - Director of Education,
Marnie Coke, Alana Murray, Jean Stephenson, or
Lori Wilder - Academic Superintendents


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