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Media Release

February 19, 2002

For Immediate Release

Chesley, Ontario As per its Student Accommodation Policy, Bluewater District School Board received today the first of 44 student accommodation reports, representing the full review of all elementary and secondary schools in the Kincardine District, Walkerton District and Saugeen District Secondary School catchment areas. The reports (relating to the 14 elementary and 3 secondary schools) are intended to initiate discussion among the Board, the public and interested parties in Bluewater.

The reports are prepared in accordance with the Board’s Student Accommodation Policy (BP 3101-D) and the criteria set out in the Student Accommodation Review Report “ Measured Approach”, November 2001.

The school groups which received the highest ranking (and therefore were identified as highest priority) are those in the three secondary school catchment areas indicated above. In the Walkerton District Secondary School catchment area, the schools identified for review are: Brant Township Central School, Hillcrest Central School, Mildmay-Carrick Public School, Paisley Central School, Walkerton Public School and the partner secondary school, Walkerton District. Schools identified in the second highest ranking group are those in the Saugeen District Secondary School catchment area, namely; Bruce Township Central Public School, G.C. Huston Public School, Northport Elementary School, Port Elgin-Saugeen Central School as well as the partner secondary school, Saugeen District. Schools identified in the third highest ranking group belong to the Kincardine District Secondary School catchment area, namely; Elgin Market Public School, Huron Heights Public School, Kincardine Township-Tiverton
Public School, Lucknow Central Public School, W.E. Thompson Public School as well as the partner secondary school, Kincardine District.

The Student Accommodation Policy requires that a 90-day Public Input Phase begin with the release of the reports. Public meetings to address each report, their findings and to explore alternatives with school and interest groups will be arranged in each of the school areas as follows: February 27th -- Walkerton District Secondary School, March 5 -- Saugeen District Secondary School and March 7th -- Kincardine District Secondary School.  Formal meetings to receive public input will be scheduled from April 15 - 30th, 2002. The Board will receive input throughout the process at any of its regularly scheduled meetings or by correspondence. Interested parties are encouraged to check with their local school for details on upcoming meeting dates, times and locations. At the May 21, 2002 regularly scheduled meeting, the Board may make a decision as to their intent to close a particular school.  This decision would then have to be ratified at the meeting of June 18, 2002.

The process of accommodation review is complex – the continued viability of our schools, and therefore the future of public education in Bluewater District School Board is the Board’s primary objective in undertaking the process of review. Only by working with each affected community, can the Board identify alternatives to current accommodation realities which will best serve the students of the district.

Details of this approach as well as each of the 17 reports can be found on the Bluewater District School Board website at (Click on the “Board Reports” button.  From this link, access is available to each of the 17 reports, previously-released accommodation review reports as well as an explanation of the student accommodation review process used in assessing, measuring and prioritising schools for review).

For further information, please contact David Armstrong, Director of Education or Dean Currie, Superintendent of
Business and Treasurer at (519) 363-2014.

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